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    New error on Ubuntu log in

    The fix of changing access permissions on these items is fairly benign given your usage. I'd put it in the "worth a try" category. However, I don't know why some process of PAM against mariadb/mysql would be enabled in this way to start with. Interesting error. Since it looks like it occurs...
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    AMD RX 5700 XT GPUs reaching 110°C “expected and within spec” for gaming

    Pretty much this. That was the position I took when I bought my P4 Prescott and it lived its full lifetime. If it's built for it, it's nothing to worry about.
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    What used to be in your wallet?

    We don't know who is in your wallet.
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    Top Gun 2: Maverick Trailer (2020)

    I like how they deal with the "How the crap would he still be an active fighter pilot?" question up front in the trailer. "Because... It'll make money..."
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    Microsoft Tries Sneaking Telemetry Into Windows 7 "Security-Only" Update

    They just want to know how many holdouts there are out there so they can decide if they need to give away Win10 for free again. (#switchtolinux)
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    Valve dropping official Ubuntu support

    I think Canonical could only pull this off if they worked heavily with Valve to successfully containerize Steam on Ubuntu. (like no complaints on the user experience, no terminal-fu, fully baked solution) However, in light of the tone of the tweets, it doesn't sound like that happened, and/or...
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    Automatic or Custom Partitioning

    My 2c. If I think a system will be around long enough for me to really grow into it, (eg. a server with a real job, or my desktop) I'll take the time to at least review the partition scheme and modify it if there's something I don't like. Things I may not like: No or broadly configured volumes...
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    Win7 EOL Jan 2020!!! really??
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    Pop!_OS. How do you say it?

    Pop OS (unenthusiastically)
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    Distro suggestion for P4 3.06/2GB

    I'd also vote for XFCE. I have a P4 box at work with xubuntu on it. Comes in handy for those rare times someone manifests some 5 1/4 floppies or a zip disk that needs reading. Yet I don't have to worry about it exploding as soon as it gets on the internet. edit: unless you go to youtube or...
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    Windows 10 will now feature no go auto installs.......

    I like the intent of the change, but it does make me leery that jumping so many revisions to the latest won't invite a whole new set of botched upgrades and problems. I wonder if dragging users along at the back end of support would be a better way to go. In that way, ideally, you'd have the...
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    Epic's Tim Sweeney Calls Store Exclusives "Procompetitive"

    Ok bud.. Keep fighting for your freedom on that "open platform."
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    Microsoft Proves the Critics Right: We're Heading toward a Chrome-Only Web

    The point of the news article is that your proclamation of "fork it!" won't work out. Instead of coding against standards and letting browsers sort it out, MS is targeting a specific browser. Vivaldi may not be able to run Skype without the same hoop jumping the other browsers are having to...
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    Steam Link Anywhere Enables Game Streaming over the Internet

    No caps here, so I'll just appreciate this for how cool it should be!
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    My 2018 Linux Test

    1000% FWIW since I was not there. However, is it possible that he had stuff to do and didn't want to open a conversation potentially shitting on his employer? One year in, Windows 10 was taking a full public beating. They could have thought it was going to segue into rants of how Windows 10...