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    QNAP 10G switches - any good ?

    Thanks to all who replied... I've managed to source the managed HP for £436, which makes it a no-brainer compared to the unmanaged QNAP. I can always replace the fans if they turn out to be too much. Now I just have to buy some 10GBE NICs... IdiotInCharge - thanks for the recommendation.
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    QNAP 10G switches - any good ?

    Hi Mr. Baz, thanks very much... the Dell force 10 is well beyond what I have the space for... also the noise level on the QNAP is 18.7 dB(A) and the Dell is 59.6 dB(A). Re: Office connect - I guess the model nearest to the QNAP would be the 1850 6XGT 2XGT/SFP+ (JL169A), but the noise level is...
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    using tshark and want to parse output

    Are you still working on this ? I have some ideas that might help but would need to see what the sample output looks like before the script changes it.
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    QNAP 10G switches - any good ?

    I'm thinking of getting a 10Gbit switch - looking for something small, quiet and that won't break the bank. Doesn't need to be managed. Has anyone here used the QNAP QSW-1208-8C or QSW-804-4C ? They seem just right in terms of offering a reasonable mix of copper and SFP+ ports - and the price...
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    Critique or Suggestions on current file server setup

    My vote would be, stick with the current file server until it needs an upgade. You've most likely traded away some storage capacity for increased perforrmance and that's not necessarily a bad thing. My instinct is there isn't anything specifically wrong, but that idea of storing backup drives at...
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    Reliable Driver Update software/general software updater?

    SUMO (made by the same person as DUMO) seems to work pretty well for general software updates and I was able to update all my applications to the latest versions relatively quickly. DUMO on the other hand gives "latest" version numbers for drivers that are not available from the vendors, only on...
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    Broadcom/Avago/LSI MegaRAID, possible to remove physical disk then rebuild?

    Never tried this.. but I would guess, once you have removed the two parity disks, you cannot remove any more, because to get a file off the remaining six drives, the file is effectively striped across all six.You would somehow have to tell the controller to shrink the pool, but it cannot do that...
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    Big storage recommendation

    Economical - yes, certainly you can get a 4TB drive under £100. Even bigger drive ? You didn't say what your rate of storage growth is. I guess you want to keep it for maybe 2-3 years and not have to replace it 12 months from now ? Personally I can fill 2TB in a year. Major brands are...
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    Cheapest way to get a really fast cross-platform external SSD?

    A SATA SSD in an external enclosure works fine. I have a Silverstone USB 3.1 tool-less enclosure, cost about £25. Works fine with a MacBook Pro or a windows PC. Put in a SATA SSD, no config, away you go. The limiting factor is the SATA interface (and probably the drive itself), not the USB 3.1...
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    need advice with backup and raid

    Depends what the key is doing. If it's ejecting the drive from the power connector then you're OK, but that seems unlikely. If the key is a switch that switches off the 5 volt supply only then no, your drive is still connected to the 12V line and the 0V line - so if the 12V rail goes to 230V...
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    need advice with backup and raid

    Some thoughts on this: I was backing up to DVD for a long time and I agree with your first comment - it doesn't make sense to do this. You end up with hundreds of disks and recovering the data when you want it is very painful. Apart from anything else, I tried to recover the data after <10...
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    Which NAS drive would you get?

    A couple of days, having said which. the array isn't full. 12TB in 2 days - so about 70MB/sec. It's a puzzler to know what the bottleneck is in the copy process - it's not the raw transfer rate of the disks, nor the thunderbolt2 cable on the back of the enclosure, nor CPU/memory on the Mac...
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    Which NAS drive would you get?

    Just bought 2 x HGST 10TB He and I was pleasantly surprised that these run both cool (cooler than the HGST 4TB drives they replaced) and quiet. BlackMagic gives the Raid0 of the two drives 390MB/s read and 378MB/s write.