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    What is the "Bentley" in terms of build quality of cases?

    This ^^ Also Lian-Li and Silverstone cases circa 2010.
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    New Silverstone FT02

    Never tire of seeing examples of the FT02 still surviving out in the wild : ) It's still the best case when taking into account all the things a case is meant to do, housing components, keeping them cool and free of dust, running as quietly as possible while looking good - nothing else can...
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    Anyone do this?

    My PC is set up in a room that backs onto the garage, the garage is secure, as secure as the house, it's very very cold in there during winter and cooler than the house on the hottest summer days, so I was thinking about drilling a hole through the walls and setting my PC up in there, running...
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    New Silverstone FT02

    I didn't realise they were that rare, got mine for a steal!
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    High end silverstone 2021 cases?

    Any truth to the rumours you're working on a case with Gamers Nexus? If true that is a match made in heaven, if not how did you manage to miss out on that opportunity?
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    New GPU's that are 'inverted layout' compatible

    FT02 owner here and I'm looking to replace my PC's guts but really want to keep using this case. For those that don't know the motherboard orientation has been rotated so that the 'back' of PC (I/O shield/cables etc) is at the top, this means the GPU is standing upright which some heat pipe...
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    540 mm fan Bracket for Silverstone FT02 and RV02

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner, been very busy with work and whatnot. It's rapidly approaching the time for my new build so this is now a priority for me. This weekend I'm going to make a concerted effort to find the cheapest option either online or locally. Will update. To anyone who's...
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    Optimal case for mATX, 300mm x 127mm graphic card?

    Came to ask the exact same question and the Jonsbo UMX3 looks perfect, I'm currently housing an ageing mATX build in an FT02, the plan is to re-use that case for a new build and switch out the old but still useful components to a smaller case to be used primarilyfor light work and web browsing...
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    New Silverstone Alta F1

    I modded a case a couple of months ago that lacked grommets so I bought some rubber Edging and it did the job fine, just be sure to get the right size (tight enough to grip the panel), a very cheap and easy mod. Edit: To expand on that - you can make grommets by attaching pieces of rubber sheet...
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    HELP! Fans running amok

    Cheers, just ordered one, didn't realise that SATA extensions were a thing so that was a big help. Once it all arrives I'll fit everything and report the results here. Pleased that I'll get to use the fan controller, thought I'd have to sell it.
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    HELP! Fans running amok

    Thank you, so that's a cable that will attach to a connector on my existing SATA daisy chain and extend to fit the fan controller? Like this...
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    HELP! Fans running amok

    Specs Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Gene Z87 CPU: 4790K RAM: 16GB DDR3 2400 GPU: 1660 Super PSU: Corsair RM650 I pulled back the CPU's OC from 4.8 to 4.4 which dropped temps from 80C under heavy load to rarely hitting 60C, and in the bios I lowered fan profiles to 400RPM low and silent mode, but...
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    540 mm fan Bracket for Silverstone FT02 and RV02

    It's certainly an option, if it looks like getting a single piece made is not viable cost wise that'll be the next avenue for exploration. Thanks for looking into it., to clarify... Set up and design services are one off expenses applicable only for the first unit - which should mean that for...
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    540 mm fan Bracket for Silverstone FT02 and RV02

    That was the original idea, however after searching around for quotes I couldn't find anywhere that could print an item that long :(
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    New Silverstone FT02

    I finally put some hardware inside the case, I originally bought it to house my next build and that is still the plan, but with furlough boredom kicking in I couldn't resist transferring my old build over to it. A lot of fun to build in although the cable management memes are correct. Cleaned...