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    Corsair TX850M PSU & Type 4 Cable Kit Luck Draw!

    Im having 4 kits of Corsair Dominator GTs, and im "moving" them in all my builds (X58, X79, Z97). Great look, fabulous overclockers.
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    Rampage IV and 750 will NOT work

    PCie Kingston HyperX Predator is working "bolt in" on X79 (and X58)
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    Maximus VI Gene - USB BIOS Flash, How long does it take

    buy another BIOS chip from ebay, seems the painless solution now, otherwise u can entry in some vicious circle
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    Which Power Supply Is Best.

    go for EVGA over Enermax
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    Wattage of 16 8GB DDR2 ram sticks

    no matter how accurate is, the order of measure cant be wrong, I didn't expect a hundred of Watts consume.
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    Wattage of 16 8GB DDR2 ram sticks

    I was shocked when I tried to find an answer or at least a clue for you using this: OuterVision Power Supply Calculator Unfortunately is not having the 8GB DDR2 option, but to try an extrapolation, for 16x2GB required 194W, for 16x4GB required 292W... so, I wont wonder for 450W for 16x8GB. Now...
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    PSU Reccomendation

    at 450 full load, u don't need more than 600-650 one. buying a bigger one will be ok for the future (who knows if someday you will not have a SLI idea). Go for Seasonic or Corsair RM/AX series
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    Will this PSU be sufficient for the build?

    try this to have a clue about each component (and entire system) wattage: OuterVision Power Supply Calculator
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    Asus Rampage IV Extreme X79 a few questions

    It will work, but you will loose the advantages of quad channel :)
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    Are ITX cases the future?

    I doubt too that ITX will be the way for enthusiasts. Im not saying there no exist capable ITX mobos, but most of the times enthusiast=watercooling, and try to watercool an ITX case, is just a ... little nightmare :))
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    Pascal Titan-X Thread

    This could be a bet :)
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    Help Me Watercool my TV?

    maybe a HDD cooler would help?
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    New Zen information, AM3+ info, APU presentation, and video card information

    anyway, seems some in consumer advantage... but this would be in a perfect world lol, in the real world, guess who is the winner? :)
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    New Zen information, AM3+ info, APU presentation, and video card information

    I hope AMD will succeed, this will make Intel prices go down :)
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    Project Open Core: Liquid P5, Hardline Tubing, Illuminated System Panel, VR Ready

    Didn't follow you since a while, but its look fantastic :)) very nice job!