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    Educate me on bonding vs load balancing

    Load balancing with two connections from your ISP is pretty simple, actually. Like many have said, it will not speed up single connections, but will double your bandwidth, so that two connections in parallel can operate both at full speed. One router I know that can do dual WAN pretty simply...
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    Litecoin Mining on R9 290 or Four HD 7750s

    The 290 is faster than all four put together, but expensive and hard to buy right now. I'd run the four you have, would get you close to 600kh/sec.
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    AMD Video Card Shortage

    That's not too far out of whack of some of the ebay prices I've seen. I bet it actually sells.
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    Any harm in applying 12V/5V/3.3V rails "early"?

    It's working for me, I've got a dual P/S setup where I power up the 12V supply first, no issues so far.
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    AMD Mining Devices Making Millionaires Worldwide

    Buy gift cards @ - pretty much as good as cash if you buy Amazon ones... Instant (<60 seconds) transfer to my account. I've bought about $1k in the last week, zero issues. Great for xmas gifts too, lol.
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    AMD Video Card Shortage

    Newegg has some 280x's for $299 right now - I bought the max of 2 off their site and 5 more off of ebay. Expect them to be OOS shortly... get them while you can!
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    Best way to clone boot drive?

    It takes extra work with GParted to get all the boot sector stuff correct - not that I don't love GParted, but Clonezilla is a better option in this case.
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    Server PSU for home use?

    Interesting point on the fans - the pictures show it has a couple, I'm hoping this particular design doesn't need too much extra cooling. And good point on the RC community - I use a 300W ATX supply to power my charger for my helo lipos ;)
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    Server PSU for home use?

    I'll end up sticking the frankencomputers in the garage, so noise won't be that big of a deal, but yeah, my limited experience with servers has shown them to be way too loud for office use:)
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    Server PSU for home use?

    I've seen a lot of 1300W+ power supplies on ebay lately from reputable manufacturers like HP - made for server use. So I would guess that they're probably pretty high quality units, meant to be run for long periods of time at medium/high loads. And they're super cheap - I'm talking under 30...
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    ZFS autoexpand problem

    This is correct, and the best explanation of this phenomenon I've read. Took me a while to figure this out with trial and error :)
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    2 x 7990's quad fire for a gaming/mining rig, or better 2 x R9 290X's crossfire ?!

    I've run 7990s and 7970s in a couple of GPU rigs... the 7990s are not the way to go. They get very hot, and in some of the older versions (read: the ones that are reasonably priced around $600), the voltage is locked on the 2nd GPU. All my 7970s overclock better than my 7990s. So I wouldn't...
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    160GB HDDs in ZFS pool, slowly replaced by 4TB drives?

    You can do that, but it won't work like you think - the pool won't get any bigger until all drives in the vdev are upgraded to the larger size. So say you have a 5 device vdev, it will resilver fine each time you swap a drive, but it won't expand to the full size until you replace all five drives.
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    How bad is raidz3 with 16 discs?

    I've already started selling off my 2TB drives, so nope, no backups left. It's a home server, so if somehow everything goes tits up so bad that I lose the whole server, well... that's life :) But I'm not going to tempt it by yanking drives without a cause. Understand that'd be a good test for...
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    AMD Hawaii-based graphics cards to mass ship in October

    I care more about OpenCL performance (not much of a gamer). I'm curious what sort of performance increases we'll see over the 7970, which currently leads the pack for single GPUs (e.g.