[WTB/WTTF]: PCIE x1 Video Cards


Aug 31, 2006
Looking for a PCIE x1 video cards. HDMI preferred, but DVI would work. Regular PCI would also work, but I don't know if they even made those back in the day. Have paypal, but would prefer to trade for some extra USB memory memory sticks I have (picture below). Thanks.



Limp Gawd
Aug 24, 2014
There are very few PCI-E x1 cards out there. The only ones on the top of my mind with HDMI is Zotac's GT710 and i once saw a HD 5450 with PCI-E x1, dunno the manufacturer tho. There are older cards (on Nvidia's 8000/GTX 200 series, or AMD 4000/5000 series) but i highly doubt those have HDMI.

As for PCI cards, unless you go pre-2005, you will not find anything too useful, much less with HDMI. The only reasonably "modern" PCI card is Zotac's GT 430 PCI.

Can you not use a normal PCI-E x16 card and a x1 to x16 riser? That would greatly open your GPU options while not being as expensive. Ultimately, if it is a matter of space, you can grab any cheapo x1 card and cut the PCI-E port to x1 size, and unless you majorly screw up, it should work.

I did the x1 to x16 riser a while ago, and it worked wonders for distributed computing (scrounging up some extra muscle for BOINC). I was using some cheapo MSI mobo with a Core 2 Duo.