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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    USB expansion on an old server. Also, if you melt/carve out the little bit of the end of the slot so that longer cards fit, they run fine, just at reduced speed. I have a GT 710 in an x4 slot in a server running fine this way. For plain old video like desktop or even 4K video, data rate is...
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    Are you upgrading your quad core in 2020?

    Wow, I'm really behind the curve. My main box is a 4570K with a OC to 4.9 and a GTX 680. It's been running like that for 7 years straight, 24/7. I don't have any real time to game anymore, so it's fine for most anything I do. My lab has three dual processor x5667 boxes, so 12 core / 24...
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    I have one in a R710. Works great and much faster than the SSD boot drive on SATA2. Had a weird issue this week where a power blip caused a reboot and the Fusion didn't come back up. Had to go in and re-attach the drive and reboot.
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    Restoring a 486 machine

    If you do go the Win 95 route with a CF disk (highly recommended), be sure to turn off the page file or you'll wear out the CF fast. Voice of experience here. I might even have a ISA to CF adapter kicking around somewhere.
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    Need an amp. New little one or a "vintage" receiver?

    I have an old Denon from 2003 that goes with my projector - it does a very competent job. I run it like GotNoRice above with the analog inputs. I generally run self-built tube amps for stereo duties, although my TV uses a little Tripath Class D 12w amp (it's on 24/7 because it's too much of a...
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    Advice on Amplifier

    Them newfangled transistors? Bah. My current project uses 6GV8 / ECL85 / 6F5P tubes. OK, it uses several transisitors/MOSFETs as well, but they're hidden in the chassis. Only about 10-15 watts, but honestly that's more than enough. TPA3116 aren't too bad either. That's what I recommend...
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    Advice on Amplifier

    Exactly 1500w. That's what class A means, constant power draw regardless of load. What isn't used for sound gets turned into heat. Also known as a space heater. It also is the maximum load for a standard 15 amp wall outlet. And only gives 3db more headroom than a 150w amp.
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    I'm bored... and weird.

    You have a problem. But as problems go, it's a good one to have.
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    Tech Jesus goes on a tear about size.

    For some reason that video popped in my feed the other day and I happened to watch it. Not for any reason other than I'm building a "workstation" from an old SuperMicro server board that's EATX. Fortunately, about a year ago I bought a 10+ year old case that I cut all the drive bays out of...
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    Advice on Amplifier

    I don't think the OP is looking for THX levels from 20-20KHz. Based on other 2.5" drivers like in the OPs speakers, we get a 3db roll off between 125 and 250 Hz. I would assume that crossover and cabinet design would adjust that. Room size/design is also a huge factor, but I'm assuming this...
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    Advice on Amplifier

    He has a 100w sub so his sattelites only need to go above 100hz.
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    Advice on Amplifier

    Usually it's better to have more amplifier power than the speakers are rated for to prevent clipping. But honestly, for computer speakers you're fine with almost anything. Looking at your speakers' 2.5" drivers, you're probably looking at low efficiency (~83 db/1w) and a low power handling...
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    [H]OT Deal? DELL PowerEdge R610/R710 Servers sub $200? ($149-199)

    These are definitely an edge use case. My usage is for a SQL database that's highly RAM and iops dependent, so it's a good fit. Pros: Cheap Built like a tank, great reliability and redundancy (dual PSUs, 4 ethernet ports), enterprise level build quality Ability to put in lots o' memory (I...
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    2nd hand stuff for home lab for latest ESXi (6.7 U3)

    As an update, esxi 6.5 or 6.7 aren't officially supported or tested (which is the responsibility of the vendors, who have no interest in testing old hardware), but I have heard that older Xeons do work with newer esxi versions. Might be worth some research if this is just for a cheap learning box.
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    [H]OT Deal? DELL PowerEdge R610/R710 Servers sub $200? ($149-199)

    It's basically a big SSD that plugs into a x8 pcie slot, except you can't boot from it. Even though it's 7 years old, it's about as fast as a modern nvme drive except with about twice the iops. I use it to hold the db, as well as store ramdrive images (ramdrive is for the tempdb files and to...