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    Gateway XHD3000 - 30" Widescreen Extreme HD Display

    isnt it outside of the warranty period?
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    Gateway XHD3000 - 30" Widescreen Extreme HD Display

    well....i suppose its inevitable my 3000 shows a green tint over the whole screen now ive had it almost 3 years now... oh well....drooling at the hp u3011 now...
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    dual AP extremes

    yep worked like a charm! very easy
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    dual AP extremes

    so....can the second ap extreme act as a wireless network extender and offer its lan ports to connect to the putting it in bridge mode? sorry it may be a n00b question Thanks!
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    dual AP extremes

    I currently have one airport extreme. I would like to add another...and be able to extend my network while adding additional ethernet ports via a second AP extreme in another location(the second AP extreme would be connected only to AC power) Is this possible? I know its possible to...
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    VMware Fusion/Parallels

    +1 fusion. Although I rarely use it, I much prefer bootcamp so windows can take advantage of all of my hardware.
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    Consoles Are Banned In China?

    I actually just got back from china a few weeks ago...and i saw PS3s Wiis and xBoxs for sale...along with pirated games for 10rnb (a little over $1 USD)
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    $2000 Safe for $10 Sams Club

    is it showing out of stock to anyone...looking like it to me now...
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    Restaurant Uses iPads For Menus

    i could see the benefit if you could actually place the order with your ipad
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    New Vox Hard Drive Enclosure, USB + eSata $13 Shipped, Ebay "Buy It Now"

    got mine, added a 2TB samsung drive After initializing, it will mount on my MBP desktop via usb, but not esata. any ideas? unibody MBP with esata on expresscard, snow leopard
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    President Warns Grads of iPad Perils

    DEFINITELY - check in his other hand to see what he is up to right now
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    new to mac"s mac laptop need opnions

    get a powerbook g4...later model maybe 1.5 or .67ghz. Should be plenty plus more for maybe 300-400 now
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    Samsung 2TB F3EG - $120 + FS after code

    +2 great backup drive gonna stick em in these VOX enclosures
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    Hawking Says Time Travel Possible

    Reality is, he is correct. Reality is, there is no engine currently even close to capable of propelling a craft up to 98% the speed of light. Energy req. for that speed increases exponentially as your speed increases. Not even close. Theres also the problem of space debris, slamming into...
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    Hawking Says Time Travel Possible

    Exactly So if you, travelling at 98% the speed of light, endured a day at the same time people on earth endured a year, and say you travelled 30 years worth away and 30 years worth back, earth would have endured 21,900 years. By then, people would be much much more advanced or not even around.