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  • really could use ideas on that , i have seen videos on them but i have not seem something that says this is good, buy it, or a versus type of video that versus these boards....hope i make sense, thanks for helping me, cheers
    Hi Faethon,

    so just to recall, i am the guy from South Africa and want to get a seller selling International , i have checked ebay and some guys only do United States, it sucks! unless somebody assists me and ships to me. Anyways, i have tried stores also , like Tiger Direct but they bloody cant tell me what the shipping will cost , i mean thats stupid.
    I have some options with sellers that i have found on ebay , maybe 2 possibilities... the one i like he has great prices but he doesnt do South Africa i cant understand it.
    anyhow, also this company called EXCaliberpc.com they seem to be decent and they will ship to me also

    I am really interested in these motherboards :
    MSI A85XA-G65
    Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4
    ASUS F2A85-V

    I just dont really know which is a better brand, and good online support and website and or orientation of the components on the motherboard and also what the bios is like and stuff...
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