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    A Picture I Took 2015

    I went in barcelona
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    A Picture I Took 2015

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    A Picture I Took 2015

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    A Picture I Took 2015

    Gojira by shadow364, on Flickr
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    The 2015 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    Mine,with the best of 2012 :D i5 3570K,MSi Z77A-G43,2x4 Go DDR3-1600,Sapphire HD7970,Samsung 840 256Go,WD Caviar black 1to
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    Post Your Workstations 2015

    Mine Matrix screensaver and G510,I'm living in the past I think ahaha
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    MSI Z77a G43 PWM doesn't work

    Hi everyone Firstly,sorry for my english,it's my 2nd language,I'm hoping that is understandable(If you have comments about it don't hesitate) Since the beginning I have a problem with my motherboard I feel like the fans are at their maximum speed all the time,so my computer make a lot of...