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    How do I get an 800D w/ USB 3.0 and SATA6?

    They've been around long enough, so I wouldn't worry. I picked up an 800d from Microcenter about 3 months ago and it came with usb 3.0 and sata6. According to Microcenter nobody has returned/exchanged them. I suppose there is always one store out in the middle of nowhere that may have a 800d...
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    Google + invite button is up

    brian.naguiat at gmail dot com THanks!
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    [H]ot!!! Thermaltake Level 10 $559.99 Free Shipping

    I think they have these at microcenter for 299 and the reps tell me that they have not sold a single one in years.
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    Micro Center

    Microcenter won my business. I purchased a video card within 30 days and received a % off coupon. They took 10% off with no hassle and they noticed it was cheaper and gave me an extra 10 bucks off under their price protection policy. The second time I came in there with a 20% off cases and...
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    New Lian Li case

    Yea i think it was an anniversary edition case. There is one currently for sale here.
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    Got a New Case! Retiring Lian Li PC75

    Thanks! The weird thing is I actually think the pc75 is bigger but the corsair is more efficient with the space.
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    WARM: Create your own bundle @ MicroCenter ($40 off any mobo w/ CPU purchase)

    Go back there with your receipt and they will refund you the cost under their price protection plan.
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    Got a New Case! Retiring Lian Li PC75

    I made a thread earlier last week on case opinions. I was choosing between a 800d, 600t, and FT02. It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and I lucked out and my girl got me this. I am extremely excited and drooled over this case for a really long time. Build thread to come soon and...
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    ASUS ROG Formula X (case modders wanted)

    You can go to Frys and then go down the block to the strip club! At least I think you can if the Frys in Sunnyvale is the one on Arques.
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    Which case has the best value between these 3.

    The haf 932 and the rest of the popular coolermaster cases look too industrial for me. But they are awesome performing cases.
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    Which case has the best value between these 3.

    FT02 looks like an awesome case and I've always wanted to build on one with it's unique designs. I will take a look at it today.
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    Which case has the best value between these 3.

    I have a few random watercooling pieces that collected over the years. Thermochill 120.3, swiftech mcr320, and two black ice rads. Pumps I have an mcp600, mcp 355, Iwaki rd20 and and ehiem 1250 (I think that's what it's called). For Res, I have two bay ones and the swiftech micro res. As far...
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    Which case has the best value between these 3.

    Which case has the best bang for your buck. I have a watercooling loop, h50,and a bunch of fans so I threw the 800d in there. Mild overclocking 1055t and if I go with the 800d a watercooled 68xx card. I am coming from a PC-70 and but these mid towers seem plenty big to work with. Since I...
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    Corsair Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T

    I've been a lian li fan for the past 10 years. I think I may retire my PC70+ for this and it'll match my white Ikea Galant Desk.
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    5 screen EyeFinity available yet?

    PowerColor AX5770 1GBD5-5D Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Eyefinity 5 Edition Video Card