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    Ryzen Memory Tested Is It Worth Buying New Faster Ram

    Nice tests, So is it just a myth that AMD processors need higher frequency memory? Doesn't seem to be a night/day difference from the fastest to slowest memory!
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    Sign me up for a new Ryzen procesor... Now just to wait, lol.
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    New Laptops - HDD / Ram No longer accessible?

    So all these new laptops seem to be all in one machines, no easy access to the RAM, HDD. I've looked at the bottom seems like tons of screws now to get to anything.. Is it still possible to open it up and swap the HD from these? Any word on Acer's or Asus's accessibility to these components...
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    Windows 10 rebooted and tries to hide it

    How did this world accept subscription based software... Maybe we should have a march :)
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    So, silly me, walked away from my win 10 home pc today...

    Remember the good old days with normal serial #s, that you would share with your friends and your software was yours?
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    Windows defender - Can no longer be disabled permanently?

    I am 99.9% sure, the "home edition" has this locked out ever since the Anniversary Update 1607. Unless someone can prove otherwise. (From a fresh install - not updating prior to 1607 - I believe if you had it disabled prior to the anniversary update it still will be disabled) I ended up...
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    Windows 10 Creators Update

    So does this update, end up with another "Hi, we've updated a few things..." messsage? :)
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    Windows defender - Can no longer be disabled permanently?

    Thanks, for confirming that, there must be something else causing it to turn on in the Home edition then, perhaps something in the \Run Registry keys or perhaps if it determines it's the home edition it ignores that setting. I'll keep trying :)
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    Windows defender - Can no longer be disabled permanently?

    Thanks Kyle, that was the exact command I had prior to this new Windows which worked perfectly, however it has no effect on this new Windows! Much appreciated though. I wonder if GotNoRice could share whats in that same registry path after changing it through Group Policy...
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    Windows defender - Can no longer be disabled permanently?

    Thanks for the replies! I don't want any antivirus because the small mini atom computer I am using has limited resources and it is not on the internet or any network so I like to push every last bit of processing power :) Yes this home version is limited, it's what came with the mini computer...
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    Windows defender - Can no longer be disabled permanently?

    With the anniversary update 1607 there does not seem to be any way to disable windows defender. I am using the Home edition and tried the previous registry "DisableAntiSpyware" keys that used to work. It no longer works. Also any attempts to change the key in the Services for "WinDefend" not...
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    Chromium? What the hell is this...

    It's sneaking it's way into my computers without me installing it, and now being used randomly. Very strange. Ok there was some entry in my registry "run" key that was launching it on boot which was the annoying factor. I've now deleted all "Chromium" registry keys, and manually removed the...
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    KB3194496 Cannot complete install...

    Ok this KB3194496 has been trying to restart my computer for the last week or so.. I googled some references to attempt to fix it yet nothing seems to work. Apparently many people have this issue. On reboot it reports it's failed to install.. I tried one registry removal XMBsave or whatever...
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    Chromium? What the hell is this...

    What is this Chromium crap? It's everywhere and I can't even uninstall it... Where is it coming from? I am about to do the manual file deletion and manual registry removal...
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    Windows update killed my pc

    Unplug all USB devices, etc, I had the strangest experience, I had to 'reset my pc' and when it went to rebuild itself it hung at a black screen with a spinning logo. Removing the Logitech wifi adapter solved it. Can't believe that brought it to its knees lol... Anyway it's all good now.