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    The best case you've (probably) never seen: Chenbro RM41300-FS81

    I used the C14 back in the day
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    Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G eBay legit?

    Anyone know if this is legit?
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    Can anyone recommend an external blu-ray player/burner?

    I would go with an internal drive and an external enclosure. That way you know exactly what drive you’re getting. LG or ASUS drive. I have had good luck with my Vantec enclosure.
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    Best CPU PassMark/$

    Thought this might be fun. Who can put together the highest CPU PassMark per dollar system? Has to be parts that are available, say at least 10+ available on eBay. We could include entire systems but for now, I’ll just start out with a CPU/motherboard combo copied from a recent LTT video...
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    3700x upgrade for 4K?

    currently RTX 2070 Super planned RTX 3080 32GB RAM 850 watt PSU NVME SSD
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    3700x upgrade for 4K?

    For a gaming only machine, would you upgrade from a 3700x to 5000 series? Would be at 4k resolution.
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    How long do you trust your PSU?

    My Corsair AX 850 from September 2010 is still running strong. Has been in almost continuous use for a decade albeit at probably 100 watt typical load at idle. Have thought about replacing it but hard to get rid of something that works.
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    Man, I miss power supply deals

    Shipping kills deal on those EVGA units, looks more expensive than new.
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    Man, I miss power supply deals

    Any recommendations for a 400-500 watt for file server?
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    What's y'all's read on the 12-pin PCIe rumor surrounding the 3080ti?

    I think it’s kinda cool. Not a big deal if they are including adapters. Plus all high end PSUs are modular so can probably get a special cable for it if you want super clean look.
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    How do I get Gigabyte RMA to respond?

    Shit....I’ve been buying gigabyte boards cause I thought they had good customer service
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    Lol that case is enormous. I think bigger than my full ATX workstation.
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    U.2 adapter

    I went with the startech one. Works fine.
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    I have an old i3 2100 lying around. Looking for interesting uses for it.

    Pair it with a X9SCL and 16-32GB ECC RAM and you have a nice FreeNAS machine