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    Seagate ST4000DM000 or Hgst 0S03665 (no raid)?

    Agree, but with recent SG series, you should think twice.
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    Are the WD Reds better than the Greens for 24 hour operation?

    If you say greens are not for ANY kinds of Raid, looks like you don't know about Raids these days. Hardware Raid ---> Reds : I agree (but who care of hardware raid these days?) Software Raid ----> doesn't matter if you're using reds or greens. I totally agree if you buy reds with more money...
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    WD RE 4tb drives dropping in price

    Sorry but tell me when it drops to ~$140. Most of my 4TB drives I bought were ~$120. And for this one, I would pay $20 more for another year of warranty.
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    Will install FreeNas on my HDD, possible?

    - Just in case usb drive dies, I don't know if my data is sill intact. - Looks urgly when I (and many people) see it protruded. A quick question here. When I install FreeNas on my HDD (2TB), the OS should occupy about less than 100MB, so can I use the rest capacity of the hard drive to...
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    Will install FreeNas on my HDD, possible?

    Plan to build my home Nas based on FreeNas. But I found, for many reasons, I'd better install FreeNas to a hard drive instead of running FreeNAS from a USB key as intended. Is it possible and how? :confused: Thank you for your thoughts and inputs.
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    JBOD software with individual drive spin down?

    Ok, check flexaid, stableit, and drive bender. They all have option to let you try in a few weeks and you can figure out which one is the best for you. Those are not free but pesonally it's worth.
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    PSU for 24 HDDs

    I have about 40 drives. Peak power at startup is ~620W, and stable (normal) at ~250W. My PSU is 850W Seasonic. I think you're good to go with the 900W PSU.
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    Prebuilt NAS or Home Build

    Unraid, sorry but the money I buy that license, I can buy another 3TB drive to enrich my storage and go with a lot free but robust OS.
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    6TB Helium drives

    Should wait and see...
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    Seagate 4TB NAS HDD

    I know for sure he's talking about ST4000DM000 (at $140) not ST4000VN000. I actually bought 10 ST4000DM000 drives at $130/each from Amazon about half year ago. They're still working fine in my home server now, FYI. Unless ST4000VN000 drive drops below $150, trust me, ST4000DM000 drive still...
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    Free Backup Solution

    You know what? I hate Windows backup. Last year, my C drive crashed. After I replaced a new drive and restored my machine with its image I kept in my nas. Everything looked just fine until I was warned to activate the OS. What the hell! Had to call Microsoft and explained blah... blah... Damn...
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    Will too many Hard drives be a fire hazard shorten lifespan?

    You sure? My FreeNAS server that has 10 drives and all of them spinning all the time when I run torrent 24/7 and keep download files in the pool. And yes, give some fans to make it cool.
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    Free Backup Solution

    Thanks, great. I like it. Let say I backup my PC C drive image to NAS, and suddenly on a beautiful day my PC cannot boot up because my C drive crashed. How can I restore it while I cannot run AOMEI Backupper? :confused:
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    How do you know if your NAS is hot-swappable?

    A friend of mine just suggested that I should buy a Lian Li PC-Q25 ITX PC Case that he said it must be good for my new nas and it's hot-swappable. I really don't know if a home Freenas/ Free4nas would benefit from "hot-swappable" and, if possilbe, what kind of mITX mobo should I buy? Or any...
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    When you buy a SSD, which factor you should consider first?

    Thanks for the link you gave, but the article was over a year. As you know, things have changed so fast specially in SSD world. I have one question, guys. On a certain beautiful day, when you turn on your PC, the machine cannot recognize your SSD that you installed OS and you properly think...