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    Finalizing New Rig

    Which mobo: If Tri-SLi support is un-needed, i personally wouldn't worry about it. Just get a new card that would be faster/asfast as your old one's in SLi. RE: RAMs Well they are basically the same as far as i can see. Go for the cheapy Gskills. I'm considering such a set to complement...
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    Processor Upgrade worth it?

    9600GT ?? best update if the op games a lot. perhaps even if he just does movies and stuff, onboard decode etc.
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    X48 any good for what I do?

    perhaps he doesn't wish to fart around with OC'ing. Some applications other than games it's much better to have the quicker 100% stable chip doing it right every time. Video encoding is one such application IMHO.
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    Intel equivalent of Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H

    Cheapest intel that meets your other needs. And get a second hand 2400 or 8400 ?
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    anybody has gone from vista back to xp?

    Dumpin it soon. Or perhaps I reformat. And get some NOD32.
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    Rebuilding GFs computer Pentium Dual Core or Athlon 64 X2

    I went for a similar setup to you OP. Simply because when oc'd the E21x0's out run ANY standard dual core. upto the E6750. And gives the E6850 somthing to think about as well. Now since you have a Quad on the way. I suggest using the E2140 to power a new GF bulid. And see if you can score...
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    Windows Vista: The Facts

    rubbish. I mean i use Vista and get MORE slowdowns. and of course with such a small amount of ram your gonna get such "huge" increases.
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    Abit IP35 Pro $150 AR

    Bloody good board. I paid a little too much. But i'll run it longer than my DFI nf4 that's a sure thing.
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    Just got a PS3...

    Dirt. ANY Need for speed. And lots of blue ray films makes me a happy ps3 user.
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    McDonalds Says: Video Games Make You Fat

    That's the one. kids not listening. And parents not trying. >.>
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    Corsair 750 watt- does it fit well in an antec 900?

    then go for the 690. Not mint looker. But pop loads of fans in. And excellent cooling is yours.
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    best upgrade?

    Unsure on the PSU. But cooling ? the 1900's were never cool runners.
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    Alternatives to the ABIT IP35 or is that the best choice?

    Depends on what your needs are. They are very easy overclockers, that's what drew me to them. And good good layout. If you're not in need of SLi or Crossfire full 16x2. These P35's are where it's at.
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    Am I doomed to fail? old 450 dual rail psu

    Ack. Even with out that Video card you'd fail. Go forth and get something cool like that Corsair 750VX. ( on special for 99 after MIR) If you're the type that upgrades a lot. Or A Silverstone/Enermax 600-650 is another forward looking choice. Realistically 500 is all you need. But with Video...