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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    anyone know what is the SLC cache on this drive? 24GB like the BPX Pro 960GB?
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    please email me at

    please email me at
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    If looks because you are new to forum, you can't use the PM feature. Please email me at...

    If looks because you are new to forum, you can't use the PM feature. Please email me at with your name @ Hardforum in subject. ~Ty
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    please send a PM

    please send a PM
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    Best Black Friday Deals!

    G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB @ $39.99 Amazon and Newegg
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    Google nexus for the best android experience
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    Z87 Motherboard Recommendation?

    My vote goes to asrock z77 formula
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    Thank you for the clarification guess, I will just try my luck with one of this CPU's
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    I wonder why all those IRE 4930k CPU's have the same batch 3331Bxxx , I suspect this CPU's could be refurbished or something is hidden, also there is reports that they overclock very bad. I have seen over 90% are reselling this CPU's over ebay and amazon which is against Intel TOS, also the...
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    4820k or 4770k

    How could it heats up the room more with lower temp? It is more power but the temps are better absorbed so the 4770k will heat the room more because overall temp will be more. But the higher thermal energy on the 4820k will just increase the electricity bill. It is like you get something...
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    4820k or 4770k

    well, I prefer 4820k running at 60c with higher thermal energy over 4770k running at 70c with lower thermal energy ;)
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    intel retail edge cpu vs retail

    Is there any difference between intel retail edge cpu's and the retail ones? example to many 4930k are being sold for 450$ ~ $500 while retail stores sell it for 580$ ~ 620$ all the intel retail edge cpu's are using the same batch starting with 3331b5xx, this specific CPU's could be bad in...
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    4820k or 4770k

    TIM soldering is bad on the 4770k, may you can check some reviews and compare?