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  • echn111,

    I was wondering if you could tell me which optical drive bezel you used on the X500, the C-01 or the C-02? From your pics it looks like the C-01, just wanted to know for sure before ordering a couple.


    Hi echn111,

    I am leaning towards buying a Lian Li X500 for a new system build but is a bit hesitant due to uncertainty regarding noise levels.

    I would much appreciate if you could give me some feedback on this issue? How quiet can I expect it to operate?

    (I plan to replace the fans with more quiet ones, use quiet components and perhaps add extra dampening materials. Right now I use a P180 case so that serve as my reference, perhaps you have experience with the P180 also so you can compare them?)

    Any comments would be much appreciated!
    Best regards,
    Mikael, Sweden.
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