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    First Watercooled Build - Feedback Wanted

    Or use regular 1/2" OD copper tubing and Primochill Revolver fittings. I had to make a turn out the back of a case and went copper tubing/Revolvers. 5 years later and still running fine (just used it, it has my Lightroom program on it).
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    Air vs Water Cooling Noise

    Seems like video cards are the noisiest part of an air cooled rig to me. After a while, that thing is howling like a jet on the runway. But put it under water and hours later it's just as quiet as it was when I started. And pump noise, at least with a quality D5, is very low. If your pump is...
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    First WC Loop , Need confirmation on hook up...

    Just set the pump the same way, constant speed through the majority of the temp range, just set it at 100% or close to that if that's what it takes. I don't run mine at 100%, by playing around and running some CPU intensive benchmarks, I can see about where the trade off for pump speed vs temps...
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    First WC Loop , Need confirmation on hook up...

    I like to set my radiator fans to run at a relatively low setting (say 35~40%), flat curve (same fan speed) from lowest CPU temp up to say mid 60s or so. This will keep your fans from constantly ramping up and down with every little task. Then increase the speed to where max speed is the temp...
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    My first watercooled rig, Asus Rampage V Extreme, 5960X, 32GB RAM, SLI Titan X Maxwell, Corsair 550D. EK Pumps/blocks and rads except the one in the top, it is something else I don't recall. This was mid 2015, still running fine. Next rig Fractal Nano S, Asus Strix mITX, de-lidded 7700K 16GB...
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    For how long have you had your oldest SSD drive?

    I have an 830 that was bought in 2012 when I built this rig, 10431GB Total Host Writes, 25529 Total Hours, 6041 Power ON Count
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    Patch Tuesday is tomorrow. Get your system locked down.

    My HTPC is the only W10 machine I have running 24/7 and it took the updates yesterday. I installed them yesterday evening with no ill effects.
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    Dual Pumps.

    Look up doyll (that's his user name here), he's done quite a bit of work with air cooling.
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    Ekwb Nickel Plated 2080ti Block After 3 Months Of Use With EK Clear Cryofuel.

    Distilled water and Petra PHN Nuke biocide (not the copper nuke) has been running for coming up on 5 years in my oldest watercooled rig, EK blocks on TitanX Maxwell SLI and CPU as well as pump and rads. And this build wasn't too far after they had their original plating failure fiasco, it was a...
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    which software to check that new build is working properly and then OC?

    Different ones will find different weaknesses. Run the Realbench stress test with your RAM total selected, shoot for a full panel of hash matches at least. Blender render the classroom file. HWBot X265 4K on 4X overkill. These are all pretty quick, should let you know if you are on the right...
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    Finally done - custom CPU loop in Corsair 760T

    Wasting 6 inches is great compared to my method - I'll buy twice what I think I'll need and re-do entire pieces. If I bend a tube that's not just right, I'll re-heat and mangle it until it's just right, then use that as a pattern for the "good" one. So kudos on efficient bending, too!
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    Finally done - custom CPU loop in Corsair 760T

    I applaud you for jumping straight into bent hard tube, that's the same route I took on my first water cooled rig and I've never looked back. Your rig turned out nice, congrats on getting it done!
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    The Z Build 2.0

    Let me look in my stash, I *might* have some Bitspower swivel elbows left over. Can't promise as I'm not certain, but if I have any you can have them if I can mail them. And what screws? I have a bunch of those things, too.
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    Airflow Recommendations

    C Cool air over the rads. After air cooling it might seem counter intuitive to blow the warm air in, but it's not going to be but a few degrees warmer than the outside air even on a really good radiator and still much cooler than the components. And don't worry so much about the warm air...
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    Dual Pumps.

    No doubt. But I didn't.