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    IE 8 and Google search

    I am being rerouted thru Google Canada for some reason. I had to reset my homepage for Google's us site; whenever I type in Google into my web browser it tries to send me thru .ca as if I were in Canada.
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    New Build // Hybrid Computer

    Final Build (ordered already): Silverstone Crown CW02S-MXR Silver case Intel i5 CPU 750 Gigabyte P55a UD3 Motherboard Corsair TW3X4G1600C9DHX 4 GB Dual Channel DDR3 XFX 5770 1 GB WD Caviar Black 1 TB HDD Corsair TX650w Power Supplies Win 7 Professional Full Retail (the $30 student...
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    New Build // Hybrid Computer

    thank you for the responses, I will check out your suggestions and post once Ive figured out a semi-final build.
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    New Build // Hybrid Computer

    ) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc 1/3 home theatre, 1/3 general computer, 1/3 gaming (Total War, Dragon Age, next iteration of Battlefield series, etc.) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1,100, yes 3) Where do you live? CT...
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    Another 'best of' thread: soundtracks

    I like the Sins of a Solar Empire soundtrack Warhammer 40k: Dawn of war Quest for Glory V had one of the best soundtracks ever; lol the company actually made a profit on the sale of the music CD (and the game lost money lol). its worth listening to imo; I ripped it all off my old CDs recently...
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    Is it safe to say AoC is another failed MMO?

    you best preorder asap, my udnerstanding is that many US shops are selling out of the CE. In parts of Europe its alreayd sold out the entire pre-order.
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    Is it safe to say AoC is another failed MMO?

    wow, judging a game from a pre-release stress test beta lol. FYI< I beta tested WoW and holy smacks was there problems. Many of said problems were NOT fixed by release and release was a nightmare with major issues b/c the devs underestiamted demand. Ultiamtely however the devs got it...
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    New Windshield 3-D Navigation System

    I love this, its basically a better display system for a GPS. Trust me, if you ever get a job where you have to drive as part of the job, this would be great. I routinely am driving to areas/streeets I am not familiar with and sometimes the GPS, even the high end Garmin I use, simply does not...
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    Apple's iPhone Sales Sluggish in Europe

    ok while I know people in the EU make more, asking them to pay 1k Euros was pretty far out there. Also, as others ahve stated, it doesnt have the most advancaed features. In the US we are behind the curve in cell phone technology; Europe is more advancaed than we are in terms of consumer...
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    Sony CEO Talks Blu-ray, PS3

    if they arent going below $400, then they lost my business as well as that of mainstream America. My Plasma only displays 1080i to begin with. Oh and re: upconvert SD to 1080p... I sincerely doubt you could tell the difference between a player upconverting a DVD to 1080i or 1080p for...
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    90,000 HD DVD Players Sold In One Weekend

    You gusy arguiing this was a one tiem sale do have calendars in your offices right? This was a pre-Black Friday sale. I have yet to see any sale in november that is no eclipsed by the Black Friday madness. Esepcailly as every retial executive in the country just sat and watched this, you...
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    90,000 HD DVD Players Sold In One Weekend

    While I feel BR is a superior technical format, I am of the opinion HD-DVD will win based primarily off of price. Those of you arguiing that people will buy the player that can handle their content forget that most consumers are strongly inhibited by entry price of the hardware. I cant count...
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    Is AMD Really a Sinking Ship?

    The merger was a mistake imo; have yet to see anything good come out of it. Instead the company is fighting on two losing fronts. Is there potential? Sure; creating a single platformt hat works well togetehr is a great way to get alot of OEM orders. But they have not executed on this much...
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    $198 Toshiba HD DVD Drives

    this is a great move to get hd-dvd beocme more mainstrea. I do agree a sub-$1000 would be the kicker. Once you drop to <$100, people will literally fight over them; I recall when DVD plaeyrs first fell under $100 suddenly I started seeing them in everyone's home. But when I shelled out $200 for...