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    Dual E5-2683v3 build [Warning large & many images]

    Wow. 56 threads of goodness, but only 16GB of ram.... Its like someone missed leg day.
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    The End Of Terrible Wi-Fi Is Near

    I need make a better version of WPS. WPS isn't without its uses... just needs to be tightened up. We evolved security from WEP, to WPA, to WPA2 etc
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    Facing Layoff, IT Employee Makes Bold Counteroffer

    Interesting choice of words.
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    Facing Layoff, IT Employee Makes Bold Counteroffer

    While I agree that people should learn new skills... I bet you ANY money, this isn't being outsourced, it's H-1B being abused. I have no problem with 'truely' outsourcing employment overseas... but if you're going to do it... do it. Don't make foreign workers here slave labor.
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    Hackers Stole More Than 30 Jeeps And Dodges Using A Laptop

    had one of these in the late 90's till it died. Most fun car security I've ever had!
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    Amazon Is Quietly Eliminating List Prices

    Refuse to use PC Hound anymore after the way Kyle treated me.
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    Verizon Hangs Up On You When You Record Them Back

    It is. If a company states that the conversation is being recorded, that is giving consent for the conversation to be recorded by any participating party. Source: I work for a voip telephone company in FL.
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    Need help cooling my 3770s

    Yea, the low voltage version. No overclocking, just want cooler temps. This is with a Thermalright True Spirit 120.
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    Need help cooling my 3770s

    Switched my main rig from a gaming pc to a VM server / workstation. (mostly, maybe some light gaming once a month) Want to be able to keep my cpu as cool as I can w/o switching to water cooling. Case: Fractal Design R3 2 intake fans from the front (gentle typhoons 1200RPM) HSF: Thermalright...
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    GPU Mod Gone Horribly Wrong

    I've done this... Still rocking a 560GTX like this. Quiet AF.
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    Google Testing 'Hands Free" Payment Service

    interesting that such tech person (and others on here) think that tech to pay for stuff is bad. Embrace change. I can't tell you how many times Apple Pay has saved my butt when I forgot my wallet at home.
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    The End Of Work?

    ok Chappie
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    Tiny PCs to drive a dozen NOC monitors?

    Simple. Matrox M9188 PCIe x16 Drive 8 monitors, plus 1 monitor from onboard motherboard for an awesome 9 monitor setup. Only $1800
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Almost anything you try will be a massive upgrade for you. However, if you want 'stable', then you'll need either Ubiquiti or Mikrotik. I went the way of Mikrotik and have a wifi version of the RB2011. Super stable, pretty easy to setup, and covers my entire house decently. (1400 sq feet)
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    Kid Arrested For Hacking Sues Newspapers For Privacy Breach

    Kids did all kinds of stupid shit, just the internet was nearly as big back then.