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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Oh wow and thanks for posting that. I'm November 17th, so here is to hoping!!
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    Ebay charges tax?

    I was surprised by the tax when I sold some stuff a few weeks ago as it's been a long time, since I've used eBay to sell. However, as most people have said it was only a matter of time for this to happen. Gone are the glory days of not paying tax at Amazon and eBay (haha).
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    Best mATX Board for Ryzen 3600

    I have a ROG Strix B350-I as i didn't need the Gen4 PCI express yet so save some cash. It has been a great mother board and I utilize a 3600. However, the graphics card I have is a MSI 580 and Warcraft and CoD Modern Warfare does freeze upon start up for 5 seconds. I need to try a Nvidia card to...
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    Dang, to bad I needed hard drives a few months ago. I would have paid an extra $20 for 2 TBs more. However, the 10TBs have been working great even with a faulty ups that made the NAS lose power twice.
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    Asus strix b450 itx with 3700x random shutdowns.

    Looks like they just released a new BIOS firmware over a week ago. It says it improves system stability among other things. At least ASUS has been rolling out the firmware updates quickly for this model.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Looking for a Iptorrent invite if anyone has one to share as well. I was a member for a looong time and my account got pruned due to not having internet for some months for inactivity.
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    For Honor (Standard Edition) [Ubisoft] Free Till [DEAD]

    Is this better on PC? I got it for free on xbox when they had it during their monthly gold deals, but have yet to play it.
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    Apple Is Locking iPhone Batteries to Discourage Repair

    I had the battery ballooning issues with the iphone 5's (really separated the screen from the body on one phone and I wonder if this is to control supply.
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    Asus strix b450 itx with 3700x random shutdowns.

    awesome! Yea, I might be switching back to a nvidia card from my 580 as warcraft has minor freezing issues upon start up.
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    Asus strix b450 itx with 3700x random shutdowns.

    I just upgraded to the same mobo and a 3600. They did just release a new mobo firmware a few days ago I believe that I upgraded to.
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Haha, same here. Went with the stock 3600 and it's been great so far.
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    MSI B350M Gaming Pro mATX running Ryzen 5 3600

    Nice! I just got a B450 and 3600 and very happy with it so far.
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    G4 TV is Going Esquire Metrosexual

    Welp time to cancel comcast, darn networks always ruining the fun.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Love the Eyefinity multi monitor support.
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    Sapphire HD7850 HDMI -> Receiver -> Random Audio Drops

    I didn't see it mentioned in this thread... Is the Onkyo's firmware up to date? Did you also make the HDMI audio the default speaker setup within windows and make sure it will pass all the audio codecs, DTS, DD, etc... I had a audio issue when I connected a dell laptop, which ran a 4000...