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    Ageia PhysX and Windows 10

    The physics card in my opinion worthless in unless you really like that batman game that uses it. there only 12 games that have ever used PPU only and some are shut down. Also PhysX has been open source for...
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    Accidentally took off bottom of a corsair h115i cooler

    Hello just bought a corsair h115i cooler for a 3900X. Never using a water cooler before i had to switch the intel bracket with the AMD and though Oh i just take off the bottom screws. Those screws were behind the copper heatsink where water was behind. So i lost some water. So question it was...
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    AMD's StoreMI Technology @ [H]

    I've been using the Store MI over a year now. when the 2700X came out. i use it with a 256GB Sata SSD, a 4TB 7200RPM drive and 2GB of ram. I have my OS on a 500GB NVMe. I am satisfied with the tech and have many games i bounce around and various programming projects. It feels snappy to me and i...
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    GN: Intel PCIe Socketable Computer: Tear-Down of Ghost Canyon NUC SFF PC

    I do not understand this product. If i wanted to game and stream with one PC i would just get a high end ryzen like a 3900x or 3950x. To those who say people don't want ugly towers. at the price this thing is going for people can just get a iMac for roughly the same price and specs and an iMac...
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    Razer blade laptops up to $900 bucks off at microsoft store 17" onsale for $700 off. Although sold out online if you have a microsoft store near you. most have pickup only. I was able to get the 2080 version at my store.
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    AMD and physx

    Code is open source and AMD already created a tool to convert cuda to C++ Also Unreal and Unity Engine, do use PhysX but neither of them use Hardware accelerated PhysX Also I believe PhysX is on its way out with unreal Chaos engine And Unity high...
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    AMD and physx

    If you look at the PhysX it says " Requirements: Python 2.7.6 or later CMake 3.12 or later " No where does it state you need a GPU or nvidia GPU for that matter. It also has a part about having Hardware acceleration " PhysX GPU Acceleration: Requires...
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    I have the DT-990 Pro 600ohms and although they are not the DT880 they been my goto for about 5+ years now.
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    Epic Games Announces More Exclusives and Features

    At least the Microsoft store has user reviews.
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    Google GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

    Only way back in the day did people use colored Aim bots, DOOM, Quake, CS. They are not really efficient since, they sometimes fire at landscape, dead bodies, when you mouse over them. With today's 1080p+ graphics it makes these aim bots harder to design granted you could turn down all your...
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    Google GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

    After watching it color me intrigued. Making an gigantic game like 1000 player battle royals or huge seamless worlds seems very possible now. on top of it you can stream at 4K 60fps with future of 8K 60fps with support to stream to youtube at the same time.. I never tried project stream but if...
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    Blizzard To Double Down on Warcraft and Diablo IPs

    The problem with this statement is it is against the old blizzard mission statement of something such as "Game play first" and "It will be released when it is ready" thus 10 years to develop a game. Not "accelerate development" and "Working on several projects". Were going for quantity over...
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    Are you ditching Steam in favor of Epic Store?

    If the game came out on one of the big three clients I would go for Steam or GoG and only Epic if it was the only place to get it, like origin is for EA. Reasons being Steam and GoG are very pretty pro consumer some things are 1) Steam and Gog User reviews - I think this is the biggest, so...
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    Vitaminwater Offers $100K to Quit Smartphones for a Year

    I still use my slider phone, never wanted to get addicted to a smart phone. hell i don't even want to upgrade but with Verizon shutting down 2G at the end of the year is forcing me to.
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    EPIC Games Announces Its Cross-Platform Online Services Roadmap for 2019

    I don't understand how this can not support Linux, since all it does is use networking calls to call AWS.