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    Unique IPs for host and guest in Win10 Hyper-V or VBox?

    How does your company's remote access work? If it's a VPN like cisco's, the default setup is to route everything through the VPN when it is connected, so you would not need to configure anything different on the win10 VM.
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    After power failure, some vsphere guests start up with network disconnected

    This was brain damage on my part. I happened to be checking the vmx file and saw that startConnected was FALSE. Looked at the settings in vcenter, and saw that I had checked the 'connected' box, but didn't notice the 'connect at power on' box was unchecked. I think this happened because I...
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    After power failure, some vsphere guests start up with network disconnected

    So, I have 2 6.7 hosts in an HA configuration. 15 or so running guests. Working fine. Night before last, we had a major thunderstorm and lost power for 2 hours or so. When UPS ran down, both esxi hosts powered off. When power came back, they booted up and all the guests started fine...
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    IPMI nic missing in ESXi 6.5

    My guess: when the host tries to access the BMC via the IPMI interface, it has to first ARP for the MAC address of the IPMI interface. This would go out NIC2. But there is no-one 'out there' to reply to the ARP, since the BMC is on the same NIC. Does that make sense? Try creating a manual...
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    Fan noise reduction on a Supermicro SC826

    1. It's a 2U JBOD, so 80x80 is the only option. 2. There really isn't anywhere convenient to screw things to. The PWM controller seems to work fine, so I think I'm gonna declare victory :)
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    Fan noise reduction on a Supermicro SC826

    So, my new JBOD has 3 80x80x38 fans mid-chassis. Run either at 7000RPM (full) or 3600RPM (optimum). The former is jet plane annoying. The latter is just loud enough to be irritating (my lab is in a corner of the family room downstairs.) I got a couple of noctua fans, but they don't fit in...
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    Windows XP to a scientific instrument in a VM?

    I knew a guy at a relatively small company years ago. He had an old DOS program that communicated with some custom hardware over a serial line. The original (386) PC was having issues. IIRC, the memory was getting flaky, and finding replacement memory even on ebay was problematic (and/or...
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    Error when copying files over 2gb

    Can you plug it into a sata port on a desktop and try your repro? That would at least tell if the drive is bad?
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    need help badly with raid5 recovery

    I remember reading about a medium/small company that religiously backed up their business stuff to tape (this was some years ago). No IT person (of course), so some random bro was doing it. Whoever set up the tape HW/SW hadn't tested properly, and the tape backups were garbage. Then, they had...
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    Linux SCSI messages - cause for concern?

    what i was afraid of. time to see if the buyer will take a return :) thanks!
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    Linux SCSI messages - cause for concern?

    I got a ZeusRAM off ebay to use as SLOG in my dual-head ZFS server. It seems to be working fine, except every 5 minutes, I see messages like these: Jan 17 11:53:00 centos-vsa2 kernel: sd 33:0:1:0: [sdf] tag#0 Sense Key : Recovered Error [current] Jan 17 11:53:00 centos-vsa2 kernel: sd...
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    Proxmox VE vs VMWARE ESXi for Windows 10 VM

    Runs fine with 8GB. Hasn't described his requirements, really...
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    SCSI-3 persistent reservations and SAS NL disks?

    There isn't a vendor, per-se. This is for a home lab. It's a ZFS cluster serving NFS to vsphere. I was following ewwhite's blog post on this. Seems to work fine, except for the spinners not cooperating...