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    Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB smokes

    Hey nothing wrong with the 5820K. I just got a good deal on a 5960X to replace mine. That has put off me needing to upgrade the whole rig for a while longer.
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    Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB smokes

    I use proper heatsinks like the heavier copper square ones or the Raspberry Pi CPU cooler heatsinks.
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    Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB smokes

    I have an Adata 6000 series drive that even with a heatsink on it, hits triple figures in heat.
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    AMD RDNA 2 gets ray tracing

    Just hoping we get a decent £400-£500 option this autumn.
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    Radeon VII prices...

    I guess I'm implying that there seemed to be a lot more bust Radeon VII available than those that were working. 'Spares and Repairs' is a must have tag when selling a Radeon VII it seems. Caveat Emptor!
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    Yeah someone made a bad call with IPv6 IMO.
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    Yeah those IPV6 addresses just roll off the tongue don't they. I can see that causing some major hassles and errors going forward. People struggle enough with a 10 digit WAP key...
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    Just bought this but can't get it to stream 4k videos without buffering sometimes is that just going to happen and I should accept it ?

    Are you getting interference from a neighbour? Tweaked the wi-fi settings on the PC/laptop? Does your wi-fi router have enough bandwidth? Have you tried adjusting the power settings of the HDD with Crystaldisk Info? Install MyDefrag and do a Data Disk sort.
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    Radeon VII prices...

    I looked up VII prices and was just shocked at how many were "parts not working". That put me off.
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    Samsung 970 EVO Plus label removal

    I just put a Raspberry Pi heatsink on the controller and be done with it.
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    Best SSD drive when Samsung is priced too high?

    I doubt you'll notice a difference between any of them. Buy on price and warranty.
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    “Refurbished” SAS drives on eBay

    I dunno, Amazon in the UK takes refurb pretty seriously. I buy a lot of Lenovo corporate Thinkpads that way from Amazon and they all arrive with refinished keyboards and plastics and appear like they are a few weeks old at most. But HDDs? What you gonna do other than full erase and check the...
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    What's the current state of hardware and gaming in terms of hardware?

    Just watch Phil's Computer Lab on YouTube and watch all the $10- $40 Ebay CPUs from the last 10 years or more that can average 40-60FPS+ no problem.
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    Upgrade of 5930K on Asus Rampage V Extreme - 6900k or 5960x

    Slapped the 5960X in and used some Grizzly paste spread nicely across the die. Stuck it to 1.25v with a 4.2GHz OC and the uncore at 3.8GHz. Runs fine and steady. topping out at 61C. When I get time I'll remove my NVMe system drive, put in a basic build and do some more extreme tuning. I don't...
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    What's the current state of hardware and gaming in terms of hardware?

    I remember back around the SKT939 Single core to dual core Athlon days I was upgrading my CPU every 6 months or so. Went from a single core Athlon64 3500+ through several others to a Opteron 180 in no time at all it seemed. GPUs were upgraded maybe every 18 months. Since 2009 however, I upgrade...