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    Tech yes with game changer OS install

    Yeah I just uninstall the useless apps I never use and switch the rest off from running in the background. Thats about it. I will agree however, this kind of thing was important when you had a single core 166MHz Pentium and 32MB pf ram in 1996!
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    2.5" hard drives have stagnated. Are they going extinct soon?

    I have a pile of 12 1TB 2.5" sitting behind me. The main use now is slapping them free of charge in a customers PC as a backup/data drive or using them to hand over recovered data.
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    Logitech G733 - Higher bitrate and audio format compatibility

    Set everything at 16bit 44kHz Red Book standard and forget about it. The only people that say they can tell the difference are boomers that spent $50,000 on their hi-fi but havent heard anything over 15kHz since 1995.
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    AtlasOS, a redesigned Windows 10 version for gamers?

    "Yayyyy I've gone from 236FPS to worth it!"
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    Thermal Tape for DDR3 Memory

    Rubber bands can fail quick (within months) if subjected to thermals. Use tape or glue.
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    Has anyone ever fixed a broken power supply?

    I've replaced fans but that's it. Not worth the risk unless you REALLY know what you are doing.
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    Netac Sata SSD. Anyone used?

    They have been around a while so not a fly by night brand
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    Arctic Unveils the MX-6 High Performance Thermal Compound

    It's now all within the realm of "how lucky was that application over the last?" You can use the same paste 4 different times and get +1 -1 +2 -2 depending on luck of the draw.
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    Older Dell Latitude (6430s) is suddenly sticky?

    Lucky you got 11 years out of it before it failed. I had a customer bring me one once for a service. As part, I clean up the machines as they usually look like a dog slept on them for 6 months. Anyway I started cleaning it (it was sticky) and it just got worse and worse. The wrist rest went...
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    Moving from 5800X3D to an Intel 13900K build. Worth it?

    It seems we are in the realm of ever diminishing returns. The only reason to upgrade a CPU within 2 years would be you screwed up massive with the first one (bought a $100 chip) and underestimated your needs. But that's not the case here. This is upgrading because you can, not because you...
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    Best SSD currently ?

    Anyone still over provision still on top of what the drive sets? I still set aside 2GB on a 250GB, 4GB on a 500GB and 8GB on a 1TB.
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    Why 'zero' a HDD other than security?

    I like to think of it as leaving a nicely ploughed and levelled field, ready for the next crop.
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    Are DDR5 prices likely to decrease over the next two months?

    Generally 16GB and above sticks are usually dual rank.
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    Help Me Choose a Lenovo Laptop

    I have Iris Xe in my laptop and I was surprised at how well it games. Much better than the old style integrated.
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    New main drive for oldish laptop. PCIe-3

    Girls don't care or ever notice. She will likely break it withing 48 hours anyway. That's how it rolls in my home.