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    Graphics corruption only on startup, then goes away.

    This could also be too low clocks on startup on vram.
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    Random hardware

    Current project update Figured out that sas expander performance on lsi 9207-8i is directly related to its temp... i didn't think that could generate so much heat. I'ma have to mount some small fan on it. struggling on the layout for the moment - as i had issues with putting gpu and sas...
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    DOOOM - "We're not prepared for the end of Moore's Law"

    for all those doom talk i quote Jim Keller... “Moore’s Law isn’t dead and if you think that, you’re stupid." So stop, stop the doom talks. Just because intel is lagging behind with their 10nm its not end of the road. 5LPE (low power early) from 2018 offers 29% higher density (which puts us...
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    PCIe 6.0 Spec Release Date on Track, Version 0.5 Announced

    No worries at the current speed we'll get pci-e5 in around 10 years. Thus pci-e6 will hit in around 20years (2040)
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    Esoteric (rare) hardware from the past

    That reminded me of microsoft works (the pre- office package)
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    Spoke today with one of the amd linux driver team (private conversation between private people), and at some point we got conversation about the differences in the windows driver - why they are crashing (black screens etc); He stated that HBCC memory management on vega chips in windows have been...
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    Tru linux drivers are steel recently.
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    Recently i also have been getting black screens with driver crashing, and being stuck in low clocks | on radeon vii - they are still messing with stuff.
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    Doubling D5 for flow?

    i'll try to record something once i'm home ~ i should have some old pumps laying around, not sure about piping tho ~, we'll see when we get there.
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    Doubling D5 for flow?

    its fine that we don't agree. We don't have to. from what i know Most people turn off their systems at least once a week which definitly is going to help; I'm more close of running datacenter on water with no downtime for months - and seen the issue.
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    Doubling D5 for flow?

    and I agreed with that, to a point. The cavitation will happen, its just a question of time. Short tests won't show it - but after running it for couple weeks 24/7 you'll see it. so i hope sir thesmokingman tries it, so that i could enjoy myself.
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    Doubling D5 for flow?

    It is specific to all pump setups... please stop posting you have no clue. This article you posted, is referred to something completely else. It compares single pump vs parallel ~ they refer to loop in series not pumps in series...
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    Doubling D5 for flow? enjoy the read, and stop.
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    Doubling D5 for flow?

    the noise i'm ref. to would be the bearing wearing out. I stated "The volumetric flow rate must be constant" with variable speeds on pumps where one pump is slower than the other it pumps fluid into. But hey reading whole thread - conversation might help.