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    Question about buying a Nexus 6

    Thanks everyone.:D
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    Question about buying a Nexus 6

    I read online that verizon is not honoring any discounts if we buy a Non verizon Nexus 6.I spoke to the verizon rep and was told that all discounts would continue .:confused::confused:
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    Question about buying a Nexus 6

    Are the 64gb versions of Nexus 6 on Google store and Motorola website identical?I am interested in the white version which is only available at Motorola . I came across this article which states that if you are on verizon your only go is Google store version.
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    wondering if FC4 gold is worth it? Any recommendations?
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    Is Dirty Bomb any good?

    By the look of it...No.
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    monoprice: $67 mechanical MX Red; $299 1440p IPS

    Tempted for one.This would be my first mech keyboard.Are these that great compared to the membrane keyboards?
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    Shadows of Mordor for $33.33 until 10/23/2014 @Bundlestars

    I cant believe that a developer didnt consider SLI support before the release in these days.No that I am desperate to play this nothing new mashup hybrid game but its just baffling.Good price for a new release though.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Simpsons tapped out :p. Nerd pillage
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    Steam sale: up to 80% off 2K games

    . Thanks! Got the bundle.
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    Steam sale: up to 80% off 2K games

    Is Bioshock Infinite a good game?I am wondering if its worth 7.50$.I did enjoy the first one.never got the second one because of the bad reviews
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    Sennheiser Outlet Store - HD650 $339.97 shipped

    I have these and the 598's.I drive them both through a Schiit asgard amp.The PC has a creative X fi card.I honestly prefer the HD 598's.The 598's are brighter.I am honestly disappointed .I know my experience is different from others but the gist is that these are not a blind buy,hear them before...
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    BF4 on sale for $ 20.66

    Still not worth the headache and agony it causes.Run away.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Keep hoping my friend.Hope indeed is very important.:p
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    Great Sale on Origin Games

    Ahh that explains a lot.Just try the multiplayer and try to score good.
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    Great Sale on Origin Games

    Way too much for BF4.After all this time the game is still capable to leave you pretty frustrated.