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    8800GTS 640MB

    Okay I was just wondering if maybe i was special, but apparently not lol. Thanks for the info. I will install RivaTuner soon. I just installed Ntune to check the temp on my card.
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    8800GTS 640MB

    I recently bought a eVGA 8800GTS 640mb. Cant complain a bit, nice upgrade from 6800GT. Anyway I finally decided to install Ntune today to check some things out. I noticed that my clocks werent stock. 513/792 Has anyone else had this happen? Im kinda puzzled as what this could mean :confused:
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    Best sound system

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    Just ordered these speakers

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    Audigy 2 ZS for $100

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    Before you buy 7900, did you read the part about shimmering?

    Thats honestly didnt bother me. Now that I know what shimmering is Ill probably notice it more. Curse this video. :p
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    Worst videocard you have ever bought.

    Yea both of those right there.
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    Bah, Athlon XP 2500+ / NF7-S v2.0 lockups...

    I was thinking it might be a power problem as well but didnt want to sound like a n00b. It could possibly be a power issue. An indication that your power supply could be dying or not supplying enough voltage.
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    Bah, Athlon XP 2500+ / NF7-S v2.0 lockups...

    Wouldnt upgrade your motherboard or your cpu just yet. Do you have another machine you could test the memory in?
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    Ati 9800 pro question.

    I was wondering if there was a way to improve the color on my desktop. I know nVidia has the digital color correction utility, where you can set the setting from low-high. n00b question but I thought I would ask anyway.
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    New version of Logitech MX1000?

    I just picked up the mx1000 the new version im guessing cause its really a laser not and optical mouse. I like it alot i dont feel like i have any lag whatsoever. Really nice feel and what not.My serial number is LZC
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    SBLive 5.1 or Nforce 2 Audio

    Problem solved. Just so noone else makes an ass out of themselves. Make sure your volume is up high enough to hear your rear channel. Wouldnt think it would be a problem but it obviously was. Thanks again Mister X. Its amzing how stupid a person could be. LOL :D
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    SBLive 5.1 or Nforce 2 Audio

    okay lol sorry was busy searching for answers. Alright the nvidia soundstorm on my nf7-s rev 2 board. The front channel works all the time. while the rear channel along with the subwoofer isnt receiving any signal. At all times.
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    SBLive 5.1 or Nforce 2 Audio

    I like the sound quality, but only my front channel is working on my z560s. Any ideas? Anyone?