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    AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU Specs and Pricing Revealed

    Intel Market Cap = 170 billion Nvidia Market Cap = 97 billion AMD Market cap = 13 billion. Everybody expects products from AMD to beat Intel or Nvidia. The math, in this economic world shows that AMD does not have the strenght to do so. So, basically what AMD does is preety awesome. I meen to...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Processors Start At $169 and Launch on April 11th

    "According to Mercury Research, 95% of all CPUs sold last year were less than $225." This.
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    Win 7 Or Win 10?

    Windows update can be stopped within W10 in 10 mins of your life and google. "Microsoft spying,omg", relax, it can spy you on whatever OS they want. You don't care much about google spying us, or Mozilla etc. just because you opened Chrome, they can say where you live, what PC you have, your IP...
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: H3VR @ [H]

    Hate can fog a persons mind and the result is Bias. If a software/game developer sells me a product, then in 99% of cases the minimum/recommended requirements are given after testing the product on that hardware. If Microsoft, i.e, releases a new OS or releases a new "Service pack update" and...
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: H3VR @ [H]

    I own an RX 480 aswell, XFX one, no issues at all, i cant speak for VR because i dont se myself buying this tech in the near future (3-4 years imo). At the state of VR nowdays, i have to wait. But my conclusion is that, AMD does not get much love from devs. When Kyle says that "Steam VR crashed...
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: H3VR @ [H]

    Developers are lazy nowdays. You cant blame the GPU manufacturer for every bug or Nonoptimization of a software.
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Pool Nation VR @ [H]

    Very well optimised game, what can i say...
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Trickster VR @ [H]

    One conclusion i can draw from the VR Bench series: when coded properly, the games run well on bothe types of hardware, green or red while nVidia is pulling away with a lead.
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Onward Mil-Sim @ [H]

    The current VR benchmarks shows that Developers share more love for team green. It is obvious. I meen, as a developer, if you dont care how crap, your crappy game works on somebody's hardware, and still release it, it shows how much interest you put into development and how much interest you put...
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Island 359 @ [H]

    The only "bad" thing that i can see from all the VR reviews here, is that the FuryX is so far behind the 980Ti. I dont expect the RX480 to be "premium VR", neither the 1060 6GB, but the FuryX is in a different league and should handle VR better than the 480. One explenation i can find is that...
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance in Trials on Tatooine @ [H]

    I am not into VR yet, i am on my Intel Ivy Bridge Graphics at the moment and i can run my favorite games on low (Starcraft 2 and Heroes of The Storm) (probably i am going to get the Rx470 on black friday) I just wanted to say, that i dont like the War between Nvidia and AMD right now, it is...
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    New Titan X announced, 12GB GDDR5X, $1200

    There will be a 1080ti only if AMD is going to release a close competitor to the Titan X. Oh wait, they have the Fury X, WTF is with the naming scheme. BTW the "new" Titan X is going to sell only on (founders edition only).
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition Preview @ [H]

    Review OK, Card decent, price is nVidia specific. But i have to say that "H" should make corrections to the Title of the review and it should look like the FuryX's: "GTX 1070 PAPER LAUNCH" :), just to be fair and square :)
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Review @ [H]

    GTX 1080 has an 70% increased clock speed over the FuryX GTX 1080 has an 30-35% increased clock speed over the 980ti. Let the GHZ war begin ont he GPU side aswell! Anyway, Pascal only brings higher clocks and lower TDP, thats it. They had to increase the clocks, otherwise we would have a 980ti...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti LIGHTNING Video Card Review @ [H]

    What is fantastic about the 980ti and Maxwell, is the ability to OC like crazy. Really, 1,4GHZ or 1,5GHZ on a GPU is crazy. What i havent found on the "interweb" is a clock for clock benchmark between Fiji and Maxwell. At this moment, AMD is really gimped by the low OC capabilities of Fiji...