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  • Teacher: "If you have 10 cookies and someone asks for 2, how many do you have left?"
    Me: "10"
    Teacher: "Okay, well what if somebody forcibly takes two of your cookies, how many would you have left then?"
    Me: "10 and a dead body."
    Interesting info ? Well, last night at about half past two a flash came out of the screen and hit my head. Since then I have become mentally retarded ... only joking, I am very happy with both of my LGs. And no, there was no flash and I'm not retarded either.
    Hi How're you doing? Do you have any interesting info on the ips236v?

    I'm getting sometime this week a real pc to test the ips monitor. a i3 2100 and a overclocked 6870
    Two blondes walk into a bar, yes a real bar where you drink.
    They look really happy so the bartender asks them, "What are you guys celebrating ?"
    They say: "We finished a 50 piece puzzle in 3 days!"
    Bartender says: "So ... ?"
    They say: "The box said 8 - 10 years !"
    I am really diligent about following the law.
    When I drive down the highway and see a sign that says "State Police", I clear my throut and very carefully state "Police".
    They say if you play a Microsoft CD backwards, you hear satanic messages.
    Thats nothing, cause if you play it forwards, it installs Windows !
    If I am as I think I am, then why do I think I am as I think I'm not.
    To be totally candid with you, I saw the name when I was on the No Heros TF2 server a while ago and laughed my ass off as well. So I stole it. Shame on me :)
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