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    AMD working on Malta dual-chip card

    Odd, considering their 79XX release. They got a good jump on the next-gen market on that. I doubt it's a business strategy at this point.
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    My 7970 Gets hot :(

    what programs would be ideal for that and what are acceptable vrm temps?
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    My 7970 Gets hot :(

    Interesting. But at that rate if I'm taking the cooler off, I may as well just spring for the waterblock and do it all in one go. I should mention, it is even more surprising that i hit temps like this because of where the computer is. It is in a basement with very low ambient temps.
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    My 7970 Gets hot :(

    I recently attempted to bump up the clock speeds of my 7970 but I own a reference design MSI card. I left the fan speed on auto simply because the sound is almost unbearable at anything more than 50%, and I was seeing at least 80*c at load. Is this normal? I will be watercooling some time...
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    Monsoon Fittings?

    for compression?
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    Monsoon Fittings?

    Any other affordable brands out there? I was looking at BitsPower and EnzoTech but neither (that i saw) had any multi-packs.
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    Monsoon Fittings?

    Has anyone used them? They're decent looking with the CF accents and I like how they come in packs of 6 for cheaper. I'm planning my first WC build and I don't want to buy garbage. I'm talking about these...
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    Videos on watercooling

    Great videos man. I was actually looking for something like this. I'll be putting mine together sometime in the next month and it will be my first build. Definitely helpful. Also, Reality, I like the idea, but as far as aesthetics go, it really varies from person to person.
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    Corsair Obsidian 650-D case fan controller issues

    Yes, the fan speed controller on the 650D is awful. I had mine fail in ~6 months. Fortunately i did not have any issues with noise after I swapped the fans over to the motherboard, and i noticed it before my pc overheated.
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    Sapphire toxic 6GB specs

    and it still has a s stupid setup for its outputs. great job!
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    So 3+ month after official release, AMD where is my driver?

    I think they are taking a while simply because the amount of people with xfire are very slim compared to people with just one card. I am not by any means saying this is smart, because it is anything but that. I am running one card and haven't had an issue with my 7970 yet.
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    Why all the crying about the 7970?

    It seems like all that I am seeing is people whining about the 7970 being too expensive. While i agree that it is, both options are at this point. This is the part that bothers me, however. If Nvidia has released a card that performs almost identically to AMD's solution for this generation, and...
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    Buyer's remorse 7950/7970?

    Picked up my 7970 brand new for $500 on thursday last week. I'm totally fine with it. now 7950 owners on the other hand... i would feel crappy about. I had one that was malfunctioning so i got rid of it and went for the 70. If i hadn't, I would be trying to dump the 50 asap.
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    7970 owners, are you upgrading to GTX 680?

    why? in most cases they perform within +-3fps. Why would you put yourself through all the trouble to get a card that performs almost identically?
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    GK110 Specifications Approximated

    because posting all the rumors about GK104 wasn't enough. Now that it's almost out, lets start a shit storm of rumors about something else.