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    Anyone else love their old case?

    Weak sauce! (Or whatever the kids say these days). I have two SuperMicro SC760 tower cases in service. I had a side business and built some PCs in them for a couple of friends back in 1999 if I recall. They got recycled back to me in the early 2000s. I have run half a dozen systems through...
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    MOVE TO OVERCLOCKING PLEASE. Underclock or under volt 9600k?

    This should be in overclocking. Sorry! I am not a big overclocking guru by any stretch of the imagination (I think most BIOSes have an "auto" option that I may check from time to time) but I definitely have never lowered clocks or voltages before. Having zero experience, I figured I would...
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    Hot Corsair SF600 Gold $94.99 @ amazon

    Still on sale at Newegg. Some of those reviews make me skeptical but it's a pretty decent deal at less than $100. I may plug it into an old athlon system and let it run a few days to make sure it doesn't crap out/start a fire.
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    I7-9700k and I9-9900k $100 off at Best Buy

    Bought an i5-9600k last week when the 9700k was 250 at microcenter. I would have done the 9700k for 220. Dammit! Time to check return policies.
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    Any first hand opinions on nr200 vs ncase M1 ?

    How else can you show off all your RGB bling?!?
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    Any first hand opinions on nr200 vs ncase M1 ?

    Amazon has the NR200P for $99 with Free shipping. Where are you that it is the same price as an Ncase M1 (which is $200+ if you can find them)?
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    Woot: 3D Printer SainSmart Ender 3 Pro - $180 and Creality CR-10 V2 $390.

    Woot! has the E3 Pro at $179.99 today. It's a really good price point if you don't own a 3D printer. If you need bigger, the CR-10 V2 is a good choice too.
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    Ideas wanted - Lian Li PC-V358

    I was going tobhave the holes filled and get it painted but was told it would be pretty pricey. So I broke out the jig saw and took care of it. Far for perfect, but serviceable. I will get some stripping to put around the edge and then I am going to use the remaining holes for standoffs so I...
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    Yacht Odyssey case

    Microcenter clearanced these a year and a half or two years ago for like $50. Good luck finding one.
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    Doesn't that require the craprastic hotel wifi?
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    Repurposed Corona cooler

    That's is really *cool* (sorry)! I am thinking a custom loop with beer colored fluid and some other beer color/themes would be unbelievable. Use some edge protectors to clean up the holes in the cooler to clean up some of the cuts, go custom loop with hard tubing and that would be freaking...
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    This. Blu-ray movies ripped in full, stored in the NAS and watched through streaming software. No broadband required. The real value of the rip for me has been easily bringing a small library of 50-60 movies on an external USB drive along with a Roku while traveling so we have content to...
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    Ideas wanted - Lian Li PC-V358

    I have an old Lian Li mATX cube case that I am thinking about dusting off and putting to use again. I had it running an ESXi server with an ITX industrial motherboard but I moved that to another case so this has been sitting around. I bought it second-hand and apparently it had been used in...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    We will need a new thread when the cards people are returning end up as refurbs/ b-stock. I imagibe there will be 3080s available for $400-450 when that time comes. If they/we are lucky NVIDIA will fix it before cards flood back for return. We thought used 2080 cards got a kick in the nuts...
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    RTX 2070 or should I upgrade - going under water

    Thanks all. It's good to see my thought process laid before me by others. I really appreciate the help. I can wait indefinitely really but I do like the idea of getting the GPU a little cooler since I am sucking in Threadripper 2950x heat into the case (with the rear exhaust fan pulling most...