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    Looking for a replacement, 1920x1200

    Necroing this. Currently I have a BenQ BL2411PT, it's not exactly newest tech and when I bought it 24" was the top of 1920x1200. But now I see these: Acer BW257 bmiprx, BenQ BL2581T (hey that's suspiciously similar to my current one), Lenovo ThinkVision T25d-10, T25m-10 (I already have a Lenovo...
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    Phantex evolv x vs LianLi O11Dynamic XL ROG Certified for new Threadripper 3970x build (air cooled)?

    Either the Evolv X or the P600S is fine. Front 3 x 140mm intake, top 2 x 140mm exhaust, rear 1 x 140mm exhaust, Dark Rock Pro TR4. You will be fine. You don't need water for this but you do need a TR4 specific cooler -- covering the full heat spreader is absolutely vital. kitguru tested this one...
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    Safe 4+4 converter?

    "converts a 6PIN PCIE connector into either a P4-12V or 8PIN EPS connector. " -- so that's not what I was after, see the opening post...
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    [???] use USB C monitor without USB C?

    Where do you get the cable alone?
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    [???] use USB C monitor without USB C?

    Hello from the USB C Hardware subreddit. Ps. As I noted on reddit too but since it's inlined so most of you won't click, adding HDMI: if you don't want to pay the StarTech hype tax, this is cheaper and 4.5 stars...
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    Something totally else: a 150CFM fan at 0.3 sones

    Yes this is not a PC fan and yes it's huge (well... it's 6") and very expensive for a fan but I thought it would be interesting to show what's possible -- this amount of air at this loudness is pretty much unheard of ;) Just in case someone is insane enough to integrate it as a case fan...
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    OWC Thunderbolt 3 10Gig Ethernet Adapter - $125.76

    OWC Express 4M2 4-Slot M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure also gets 20 bucks off and if you buy one, 50 bucks off some SSDs
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    Safe 4+4 converter?

    With high wattage CPUs on the market, desktop motherboards with 4+8 pin or even 8+8 pins are becoming more common but most PSUs only have one. On the other hand , SLI and especially triple and quad SLI are definitely dying out but the PSUs have a bazillion PCIe connectors. Is there a connector...
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    Ebay (BIN): Quad port 10Gb Chelsio card: $50 OBO

    Am I right you need LC Duplex fiber cables for that?
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    Ebay (BIN): Dual port 10Gb Brocade card $14

    link Since the four port thread for $50 was popular, maybe some are interested in a two port for $13.95 (not mine, I just found it). 5m cable
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    Ebay (BIN): Quad port 10Gb Chelsio card: $50 OBO

    Kindly link to some of those please? Thanks! I found 3M long Twinax cables for $30 which is kind of ouch -- you'd need four, after all. I am new to this. Are you saying for example this cable could work with that card?
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    Boxed ATI Rage Fury MAXX

    The Tesla M10 had four Maxwell GPUs on it.
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    6K Threadripper Workstation Build the motherboard has a 10GbE card (and two more GbE ports) and I added a 10GbE NAS and six Toshiba X300 6TB disks, there are 8 bays. You can play with the storage options depending on budget and whether slow disks in a NAS are acceptable. Yes, the PSU is...
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    Hot? Threadripper 1920x 12 core, 24 thread $399.99 @ amazon

    yes, threadripper is for multithread heavy tasks, say, video transcoding, not gaming which is still mostly about single thread. AFAIK the ThreadRipper 2950X is an exception: it is the fastest among AMD in single thread, about 20% below the fastest Intel single threads -- and destroys any Intel...
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    Hot? Threadripper 1920x 12 core, 24 thread $399.99 @ amazon

    The 1900x is only 336.