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    Bought a Sony W800B 50 inch. Impressions.

    Large screen + 4K should be an answer, for both sharpness/normal DPI and large screen for more immersive gaming.
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I wonder if lag wouldn't be less on native resolution with no scaler involved, if you say that 1440p on both monitors ..
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    My guess is that panel manufacturer releases panel, specs how that panel can be used/tuned in different modes + some base firmware for TCONs to drive it, which monitor manufacturers then can work on (eg. to expose different options in user UI / use different overscan settings / etc). Fact that...
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    4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 TV Database

    Sitting at 50" 4K shouldn't differ much to sitting near common four fullhd monitors. And i also would prefer 4K starting with 50". 40" i might somewhat live with, but it doesn't seem best variant. And definite NO to 32"-28"-24" 4K monitors.
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    Do you say it from your usage experience or it just theoretically seems to you as how it should felt? When i used 50" 4K, had no problems adapting to size. And heck, even on 21-27" i rarely used apps fullscreen/maximized with exception of games/movie playback/ones where maximized meant less...
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    Skip 4K, go directly to 5K?

    aye, half the bandwith .. and 8K is 4 times pixels of 4K, thus only way to go for 8K@60Hz is two DP 1.3 or four DP 1.2/HDMI 2.0. P.S. I really hope that VR headsets/glasses will take off. It's MUCH MUCH cheaper to manufacture screens of sizes used in these then big high res screens in common...
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    DP1.3 - when?

    .. over for very few not making up majority of buyers/users thus almost not impacting at all manufacturer product engineering decisions except for few narrow niche and thus overpriced product lines. Just because concorde was fastest passenger plane, it didn't made it most flown. Or not everybody...
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    Skip 4K, go directly to 5K?

    .. or not, if with current input options it will be accompanied by MST, unless it's custom non-standard HW like in new imacs.
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    DP1.3 - when?

    If HDMI 2.0 appearance in actual products (TVs/monitors/GPUs) timing after finalizing standard is any indicator for that, then most probably still looong way/time for it. There is slight chance for AMD next gen gpus to have it, but i wouldn't count on it. As nvidia's gpus (970/980) were released...
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    4K HDMI 2.0 and DP1.2?

    Only thing i dislike in Panny - it's 4K DP is via MST. But it being only 4K TV vendor including DP at all .. i hope that next panasonic 4K TV after AX800 will have everything top notch, including DP SST 4K input possibility.
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    60hz to 144hz more incrediable than G-Sync?

    It does require. But IIRC it's cheaper then g-sync's hw, part of DP 1.2a standart, no licensing costs. Due these reasons there came fourth - it's now backed by Intel aswell (don't underestimate importance of this. Most gpus ARE integrated ones. Monitor vendors WILL think of this aswell, when...
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    Hight of 34" 21:9 is somewhat same as that of 27". It simply is stretched for extra 1/3rd wider. As i want to gain vertical size too, i rather prefer upgrade that monitors of this thread bring. Comparison of them directly.
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    Going with 32" 4k or 34" 3440x1440. Any opinions on this?

    My opinion would be neither, but rather 32" 1440p or 40-50" 4K.
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    Suggestions for dual 27" LCD?

    If you have nvidia, i'd rather suggest going 3x24, as they purposedly left nvsurround support for even number of multi-monitors only for quadro gpus, for gaming gpus - only n+1 monitors (except if it's for early 4K MST with whitelisted EDIDs). As for USB .. my choice again would be separate usb...
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    Acer announces 4K 28" monitor with Gsync

    sethk: in this forum there is also thread about 40" philips 4k monitor, which probably is about the same minus DP 1.3, and probably will be available sooner.