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    DreamPC2006 !!!! (Dial-up users beware: 1600x1200 pics)

    This is definately a dream pc for most if not all of the people out there. I like your setup. Congrats!
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    How is WiMAX a threat to ISPs?

    I think WiMAX still has a long way to go. Sure it does bring faster speed of Internet and wireless advantage, however not many people have a portable device such as laptop, PDA, and so on to connect to Internet when they are outdoors. Unless WiMAX's bringing down the cost substantially upon its...
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    How is WiMAX a threat to ISPs?

    I keep hearing it again and again. Isn't WiMAX a successor to a WiFi, only broader broadcast range and faster bandwidth? Regardless of how fast it can be, you still need a service provider that provides Internet access to WiMAX base station within that area before you can have a WiMAX card...
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    invalid li

    Looks fantastic, what are the specs?
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    HPReserrection II - Evolution

    Everybody and his neighbor said it before and I must say it again - Truly a work of art! ;)
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    Nice, I like your whole setup Tumpeloinen - Clean and comfy! I have the same mobile phone stand on my desk, too. =P
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    My Super Clean Water Cooled Machine *PICS*

    Agreed, definately super cleaned! Very nice job done :)
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    Need a window design

    Make yourself stand out from others! :D
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    New 55W Xeon DP 2.8GHz EMT64

    Tell me this isn't true, cuz I'm already starting my dualie project on these Nocona's.. :mad:
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    [Help] Data Recovery after partition deleted..?

    Thanks a lot for all your inputs! I read the thread and ended up purchasing File Scanvenger. I'm in the process of recovering my files now. Hope it comes out good! :)
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    [Help] Data Recovery after partition deleted..?

    What's the difference between a full or quick format? And no, I have not installed anything yet.
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    [Help] Data Recovery after partition deleted..?

    I'm installing a new operating system on my computer. I have two hard drives: C: Operating System D: Data I rebooted the system and started the standard Windows setup. Then I accidentally deleted the partition that held my data instead of the other one! Now it shows "Unpartitioned...
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    9800pro 128 or wait for next gen?

    Built-By-Ati 9800 Pro Retail goes only for $299CDN
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    New Lian Li's coming

    i second that! it'd be a waste not to mod it... it longed for and cried out loud to be modded the second i brought it home a 7yr old sure can design something much more fancy and not this plain and that is where our ever so popular pre-mods seen everywhere come from :D