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    Microsoft issues new Windows 10 update warning

    GT 1030. There's another rig with fx 4300 cpu and gt 1030 but windows 10 is up to date. It doesn't have this issue. I read it could be about windows/file explorer.
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    Microsoft issues new Windows 10 update warning

    I have a 790fx + 1090t rig and windows 10 1709 that i can't really risk upgrading to newer builds right now. I have a silly bug. You know when you mouse over on taskbar and there are little window previews, they dont go away, like ever. I have to click their X
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    The Biggest Problem with Triple-A, Open-World Games: "They're Boring as Hell"

    I dunno what you expect from games but saying "dailies suck" shows your unwillingness to move on. When a game gives you nothing. MOVE ON. Players are the problem most of the time. You don't let the games die. Either deal with it or move on to other games.
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    Star Citizen's single player game delayed again

    I wouldn't think a second to support if it was just a traditional freelancer mmo. WoW on space, EvE with pvp flag, etc etc. Right now, I'm more hopeful for a Kingdoms of Amalur Remaster than Squadron ever releasing.
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    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    This series needs to produce a new beloved captain and eventually gets their own series. That's all I expect.
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    3700X vs 3800X

    Some good info here. I wonder what chip my F4-3200C16D-16GFX has . Because it was less than half the cl14 kit was.
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    Clean Windows 10 Install Questions

    The latest windows 10 iso file is bigger than 4gb thus no longer MBR friendly. I recently installed windows 10 pro 1903 and media creation tool (freshly downloaded) gave me errors on creating the usb (after downloading the iso, just before copying to usb). So I had to change my browsers id to...
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    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    I'm about to own a 3600 + MSI x570 mpg gaming plus. Anyone heard anything about the chipset fan noise ?
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    Why do Browsers allow ad blockers to work?

    Consumer (consumption) Craze vs the old days of physically searching for what you actually need because it was a chore. ADs drastically cause people to get what they don't need. ADs are evil and should be treated as evil :D
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    Path of Exile

    and hopefully a revamped launcher which can be minimized and ability to limit download, it'll be perfect.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I'm not a backer but i still hope they release the game in some form. We all read how freelancer was a far cry from its intiial design. Even so, people loved it and are "hungry" for a similar game. However this is not the way to produce a game like...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    This. Chris needs to be supervised, not the other way around.
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    High-speed 4-pin PWM 120mm case fan

    The fastest fan I ever owned (and still have) is Silverstone FM121 110 CFM fan. It's controller can be a problem thou. I put it on the vertical slot on the rear of HAF 912 plus
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    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    I couldn't care less about the wolverine with pointy ears, sorry unshaved spock being emo. My biggest gripe is listening to the mutineer michael's personal log on every episode opening. I like captains being leads on ST shows. I'm a bigot in that way. That's why I enjoyed the last episode...