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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    5800x sold out on newegg while it was in my cart. Can anyone suggest another cpu for gaming because I need to build a machine and can't wait any longer than I already have?
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    Switching back to Android from Windows. What phone?

    I really appreciate the input. I need to mull this over a bit. I was thinking about the 3t a while ago but if it's not supported long it seems like that's a waste of money. I'd like to get 2-3 years out of my phone. The only reason I'm getting rid of this Lumia after 2 years is because of the...
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    Switching back to Android from Windows. What phone?

    That's a rough outlook :/ Are my worries about OS updates and bloatware valid? Or is it not that bad in the android world at this point. I really don't want to spend a lot on a phone. The prices are getting out of hand and I can't justify paying that much for a phone just so that I don't get...
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    Switching back to Android from Windows. What phone?

    Like the title says. I have a Lumia 950 that I love. However it's gotten to the point where the app store is my breaking point. I use my phone for Calling, Texting, Pictures, and Instagram. I don't use the internet much and I don't play games on it. However, recently I've run into things I...
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    Windows 10 Mobile Needs to Be Put out of Its Misery

    Blizzard authenticator is installed on my Lumia 950 btw.
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    Do Games Cause Sexism and Violence In The Real World?

    I clicked on the comments just for posts like this. lol
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    DIY Hidden Retractable Ceiling TV

    That noise!! AHHHHH
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    Raspberry Pi NES Classic Console Nintendo Should Have Made

    That is pretty impressive. I'm going to have to get into this at some point
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    Japan Making Its Last VCR This Month

    I still own one but it isn't hooked up
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    Do I Really Need 1Gbps Internet?

    I just want more upload. Max available to me is 5MB !!!
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    Amazon Prime Day 2016 Was The “Biggest Day In The History Of Amazon”

    I didn't see anything that great. /shrug
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    Boiling Water Inside A 10,000W Light Bulb

    Is it me or is this one of the creepiest sounding people you've ever heard?
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    Evolve Going Free-To-Play

    Well it looked like the F2P worked, at least for now. Evolve Stage 2 - Steam Charts
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    Evolve Going Free-To-Play

    most non-mainstream games don't get the millions like their counter parts. 30K is a decent start
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    Evolve Going Free-To-Play

    Yes. Evolve - Steam Charts I played it for a total of 120 hours and loved the game. But their price model was absolutely horrible and that coupled with a steep learning curve pushed people away. They pretty much ignored the issues and killed the community. It came out Feb '15. No one cares...