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    My Best Friend and Supporter

    So sorry to hear the sad news, my condolences.
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    DC Vault 2

    On it, however I'm temperature-limited, bit warm for full-time crunching at the minute.
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    QPAD 8K

    I have a 5K which I love, needed a replacement for my G5 after they got discontinued and didn't like the G500, the 5K has been mostly good for me. My first suddenly stopped tracking after a year or so, RMA was painless. Replacement started double-clicking when single-clicking but was out of...
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    Congratulations to Gilthanis! Hard DC'er the year: 2014

    Congratulations and well deserved :)
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    quad socket f in f@h these days

    I've just picked up a quad socket F machine myself, got a HP DL585 G2 for cheap. Before that I was tempted by the same board and similar CPUs but was put off by the thought of case modding to make it fit, I do need to invest in a dremel. I'll be using mine for similar purposes, F@H or BOINC...
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    DC Vault 2

    Also had no problems although I haven't been running it as long or with as many machines.
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    PSA - DIMES is something everyone can run, no impact on other DC'ing

    My DIMES agent on my main machine died a while back and I didn't notice until today. Reinstalled over the top and will see how it goes, not sure what caused that.
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    Not yet, will do though. Looks like we're making good progress on the project, just overtaken OcUK, not far off another few overtakes and then there are a lot of static teams ahead too.
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    Just thought I would add to this, I started up Gerasim today and have also experienced this problem.
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    Old thread and maybe not relevant, but - Will have another dig around and see what I can see, it must be something I'm missing but really not sure what. Edit: doesn't look related. There are plenty of Linux hosts in the stats which would...
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    I might be missing something, but does Enigma not issue units for Linux hosts? I have never been able to get any work for Linux, on several different machines, but I am under the impression that the project does support Linux so maybe it's just me.
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    Testing on my Xeon E5504 now, will report back with findings. Currently 30pt WUs are taking a little over 2000 seconds, 60 pt WUs a little over 4000. Edit: looking good so far, 60pt WUs are coming in around 2600 seconds. Looks like a similar speedup to the results above, around 30% :) Edit2...
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    The new "died in the line of duty" thread

    My ES L5639 died a death yesterday, got home to find my PC powering on and off continuously. After much tinkering I got the machine to POST and even boot into Windows, but the IMC has **** itself, throws pages of errors on Memtest within a minute or so on known good RAM. Chucked a spare E5504...
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    DC Vault 2

    I've had it a few times where MJ-12 just craps out after it's been running for some time, have you tried changing the setting to have the client automatically restart? It's under the general options, it's possible to have it auto restart every x hours. It might be worth setting that to 24 or...
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    Yeah, those hex cores are great value as organisations clear out their old hardware. I've picked up several L56xx CPUs myself, for the lower power consumption, but those X5650s look awesome as well. No reason not to, really! I've had to cut down on my DC drastically...rising costs of, well...