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  1. C from Netflix

    The new lets you change the number of connections/threads. Going from 8 to 16 increased my download a lot.
  2. C from Netflix

    This has been around for awhile.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Delidding

    It seems odd to populate all four dies and then disable two. It would have to be the same two disabled all the time which is not going to allow selling an Epyc with failed cores as a consumer part. If it is the case, I would have rather AMD pulled an Intel and used a smaller cheaper socket for...
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    Used Samsung 305t Plus worth getting for $250?

    I already baked it. The LED changes colors when you put signal into it, but the screen never turns on.
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    Used Samsung 305t Plus worth getting for $250?

    I have a dead 305T+ sitting on my desk. The monitor was amazing when it was working, but the scaler is kaput.
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    Best Practice Dual Monitor.

    All the AMD cards I have owned do not down clock all the way when you plug in more than one monitor, so I normally plug one into the onboard and one into the GPU.
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    Who has ordered one of the Scrypt mining ASICS?

    If any of these ASICs have the memory built in, increase the memory requirement beyond what they have and kill the device. IIRC LTC memory requirement is rather small so that it would fit into a CPU's cache.
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    Current Green Man Gaming 25% Voucher Works w/ Battlefield 4 Premium.

    Did they ever with BF3? I finally broke down and got BF4 during the holiday sale. After BF3, I didn't think I would do it, but peer pressure wins out.
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    Dual E5530s & Win7 worth folding on?

    2.4GHz Quads with HT. IIRC I was on the lower end of BigAdv on Linux a couple of years ago so I am guessing SMP only. If there is a windows vs linux penalty, it might not matter much if I'm stuck with SMP.
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    Dual E5530s & Win7 worth folding on?

    Looking at getting getting a box running again. I reacquired one of my folding rigs from a few years ago wondering if how it will fair. Last I was here, running linux under VB was giving better performance than Windows native, is that still true? The box is going to double as a HTPC so looking...
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    WTB, yet another win7 key

    Win 8.1 is not bad with boot to desktop and classic shell. It is like windows phone themed Win7
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    Obihai OBi200 VoIP Phone Adapter $40

    It did the same thing for me then I searched for it again and it came up at $39.99. Re added it and removed the $59.99 one.
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    WTB 4@ 1366 sinks

    I have 2 supermicro 4u tower coolers. $40 shipped lower 48.
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    Infiniband connection between 2 windows servers

    OpenSM needs to be on a single node only. Since the VM does not see the physical IB hardware, it will need to be the Windows box. The IPoIB interface does not need a default gateway, dns, or wins. Just IP and subnetmask Don't change your GbE interface settings. As for trroubleshooting the...
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    Just placed an RMA for a WD Drive. Will they send the same exact model?

    RMA'd 3 2TB EARS drives in the last few weeks. The first one, I got back a 2TB EARX, ok fine. Two weeks later, I RMA two together and receive 2 2TB EFRXs... All three were new drives and I did advanced replacement.