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    7200.12 ST3500410AS vs. ST3500418AS

    How many yrs warranty do your drives come? You can find it from Seagate website using the SN of your drive. My 410AS comes with 5year warranty. I am afraid that Seagate changed warranty to 3yrs for 418AS.
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    Get a E8400 or a Q9400?

    vote for Q9400
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    WD 640GB Blue WD6400AAKS $60 F/S @Newegg

    The black drive is on sale for $70 shipped now!
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    Gigabyte UD3R + Patriot 4 GB DDR2 1066 for $129 shipped AR

    nice board, good price!
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    WD 640GB Blue WD6400AAKS $60 F/S @Newegg For single disk, I got 86Mb/s for AAKS and 96Mb/s for AALS, and 106Mb/s for seagate 7200.12. The difference is about 11.6%
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    WD 640GB Blue WD6400AAKS $60 F/S @Newegg

    Considering the transfer rate, the black drive(WD6401AALS) is about 12% faster than WD6400AAKS. And the Seagate 7200.12 drives are 12% faster than WD6401AALS. Good price though.
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    Core 2 Quad Q9450 running to hot?

    In realtemp, the Tjmax is 95C, while in CoreTemp, Tjmax is 100C. That is why RealTemp always shows 5C lower than CoreTemp does. Not sure which is the right Tjmax, but to me, 100C is more reasonable.
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    Cooler for P35-DS3R and E8400

    vote for xigmatek S1283, awesome cooler!
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    WD 2TB drive almost to market

    The transfer rate of 80Mb/s is kinda slow to me, since the transfer rate of Seagate 7200.12 drive is over 100mb/s. This drive might be ok if used for a HTPC, definitely not good for a gaming rig.
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    CoolerMaster V10! (56k warning)

    Man, it's huge. I wonder how much better compared with xigmatek S1283 and Sunbeam core-contact which are only $30 coolers.
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    Xigmatek S1283

    I bought this one and paired it with Xigmatek S1283, works perfectly.
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    Q6600 Temperature ; Take a look! Need help please......

    if it is true, the core temperatures of my Q6600 will be about 20C, lower than my room temperature. Impossible!
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    phenom II @ 6.5ghz (record?)

    The temp of liquid helium is only a few Ks, very close to absolute zero. Most people use liquid nitrogen instead of liquid helium for cooling.
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    Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz... 70* under load?

    FYI, My Q6600 running at 3Ghz, full load temps for four cores are no higher than 49C with Xigmatek S1283 installed, and 59C with the Intel stock cooler. I would check the contact of the heatsink and processor first. Your temp looks too high to me.
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    Which high end SSD drive is NOT made in China?

    The ASUS and Gigabyte are Taiwan companys. The are best motherboard manufactures. My EVGA vedio card and seagate HD are made in China. MY HP and DELL laptops are made in China too. All them are working perfectly well. Stop posting craps please....