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    LG 48CX

    Is this only a problem with the new CX1?
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    LG 48CX

    Good to know and yes on both. Wonder if I could get a browser up on one instead of the usual 1080p loops they run...
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    LG 48CX

    Hey all, thinking of getting a CX1. Have a 3080 to drive it. While it is my gaming box, I do a ton of work on it and I need razor sharp text - not only 444 obviously, but good IPS-like sharp text. Is the CX/CX1 good for this? I know the contrast alone will help, but without being able to see one...
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    Intel Announces a Hybrid Optane M.2 SSD

    900p/905ps are still ridiculous fast.Optane as storage freakin rocks and Samsung cannot touch them for low-qd random read performance. They are untouchable. I've got 3 and I dig 'em.
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    LG Electronics to Release 8K OLED HDR TV Models in 2019 with VRR Support

    It’s [H]’s weekly 8K sucks and we’ll never need anything more than 1080p thread.
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    m.2 905p optane

    This is why you can tell the difference
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    m.2 905p optane

    4x-6x 4K low-qd random read performance is very noticeable on an OS drive. Opening apps, surfing, mail, Windows updates, general usage etc. this is where my 900ps shine. It is not noticeable for large block sequential workloads, whereas my 970 Pros are. 970’s sequential performance trumps the...
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    After Losing Half Its Value, NVIDIA Faces Reckoning

    You all DO realize the entire market tanked hard in a similar pattern to NVDA, right? More [H] sensationalism...
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    2080 ti reliability

    Pulling percentage numbers it your ass again?
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    m.2 905p optane

    At some point we’ll all have to be on a version of W10 that includes it in the OS and the BIOS includes it...
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    m.2 905p optane

    ^^ Pretty freakin awesome random reads. Still pissed about Smeltdown patches. Kinda neutered my 3 900ps a bit. I can feel the difference from pre-patch days. Fighting the patches is kinda pointless at this point.
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    m.2 905p optane

    If he’s got Smeltdown patches applied, they’ll be lower... 3DXPoint takes a massive hit.
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    Japan OLED Shows Off Upcoming Monitors

    All. In before the massive complaining of IR and burn-in. OLED is not the end-all be-all. We need something better.
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    VRAM runs hot on all 2080 TIs best I can tell...
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    m.2 905p optane

    When are we going to see benchmarks on these?