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    Borderlands 3 Steam 50% off "pre-order"

    Man oh man, I may have to bite the bullet and buy it finally.
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    I Need an Action+Story Driven Game for the Wife

    There's not as much combat, but Mirror's Edge has the adventury running and such. Otherwise, Tomb Raider for sure.
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    Worst games of 2017

    XCom 2 - WotC was one of the best expansions of a game that I've ever played. Wildlands was a good distraction for a while too.
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    How big is your Gaming screen?

    1920x1200 on a 24", i need to pass this setup down to my kids so i can upgrade dammit
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    Four-Player Co-Op Game GTFO Announced

    True, good weapons and decent level design, but maybe DLC'd to death? Who knew that the concept of 4 players vs mobs could be so fun? If only a certain company genre could come forward and make this game, instead of their fans being left 4 dead.
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    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

    Thanks for this, now my library of official modern xcom games is complete!
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    Computer Glitch Keeps Inmate in Prison for Five Extra Months Statistically, many who do get out have a significant chance to reoffend, but there are so many factors that weigh into whether or not that happens.
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    Xbox One’s First Original Xbox Backwards Compatible Games Now Available

    Having played both the PC and XBox versions of that game, I preferred the PC version. That they should put on Steam.
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    Your favorite Old School OS

    MS Bob
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    How many of u not even getting current gen console at all, & just sticking to PC gaming ?

    As long as they keep making NBA 2K for PC, it'll be my primary gaming method. I do own a PS3, PS4, Wii, and an Xbox 360, but a majority of the gaming in our house is done on PC.
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    How many of u not even getting current gen console at all, & just sticking to PC gaming ?

    I think also more people overseas in Asia and Europe play on PC than console.
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    Verizon and AT&T Slow Due To Unlimited Data Plans

    I have VZW and my wifal unit noticed that her internet speed on 4g isn't as zippy as it was when we had a 6GB plan.
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    is it possible to access plex content via the cloud outside your network?

    Yeah, if I'm not mistaken, just configure a port forward on your router to your plex box IP via TCP/32400 (default) and you should be good.
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    Review the game you finished recently.

    Red Dead Redemption (PS3) Graphics/Realization: 8/10 Story/Atmosphere: 10/10 Gameplay/Controls: 8/10 Overall impression: 8.5/10 When I first started this game, I had just gotten out of the hospital for some seizures and mentally, I was just getting my feet under me again. Between the...
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    Kodi Add-Ons are Feeling the Heat

    Will ipv6 kill off most forms of piracy as a whole? Unless there's a way to proxy the connections, I don't think anonymity would be possible with it.