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    Wallye Tactik Duffle for SFF carry (M1, A4, SG13, laptop + eGPU)

    Is V2 the same size or a similar size as V1? Will either accommodate a Kimera Cerberus?
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    Hey Argentum, I saw your post where you mentioned upgrading a 10x2TB to a 10x8TB (Seagate SMR)...

    Hey Argentum, I saw your post where you mentioned upgrading a 10x2TB to a 10x8TB (Seagate SMR) vdev. I have 2 10x vdevs that I need to replace/upgrade and I had been looking at the Toshiba 5TB and even the 6TB drives. I was afraid of going with the 8TB drives because of the horrendous write...
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    Anyone know where I can buy a Chenbro CK2804?

    Shit, I was going to say I think I might have one laying around lol. I replaced it with the 36p HP SAS Expander. Better choice.
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    lowering Power Consumption / Potential server rebuild

    In the same boat. 20 spinning drives in ZFS and looking to lower power consumption as well as increase flexibility. It's not easy adding 10 drives at a time on the wallet. Subbed.
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    3 disk errors RAIDZ2

    Unfortunately I can't back up 20+TB of data. I have backups of about the most important 1.5TB of data. I turned the server off until I get the disks in from RMA to prevent any problems. I will report back with the answers though.
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    3 disk errors RAIDZ2

    Hey all, I'm in a pickle and need some advice from the ZFS gurus. I've got 2 10 drive RAIDZ2's in my pool. 3 disks from one of the vdevs are throwing me read/write and checksum errors. I've swapped cables and ports on the HP SAS Expander to no avail. The only thing other than drives I...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Just replying because I have the same question. Spun down, my array is about 100w less of power. When I gave it a shot, clients fail to mount shares right away. Can't have this.
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    Expanding ZFS RAIDZ2

    Thanks guys, Got everything up and running. Moved from my CM590 to a Norco 4220. Did an export on the pool, installed new hardware, then did an import once everything was up and running. I appreciate all the advice. System: Norco 4220 CPU: Athlon X4 840 RAM: 8GB DDR2-800 Mobo: Gigabyte 785GM...
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    ZFS: Swapping drives and 3TB limit

    Thanks for the replies guys. I will make sure to export the pool before I move it to the new machine, and then import it once I get the new machine up and running. @PigLover, What kind of problems were you having with a SAS2008 chip and older Chenbro expander on SE11? I'm running OpenIndiana...
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    ZFS: Swapping drives and 3TB limit

    Hello, I just picked up the Norco 4220 from Newegg for $299 + free 1.5TB HDD. I currently have 10x2TB RAIDZ2 in a couple 5bay hotswaps on a USAS2-L8i. I also have 10x1TB that I am going to put in a RAIDZ2 and add to that pool. (Eventually replacing with 3+TB) I'm gonna pick up a CK12803...
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    Expanding ZFS RAIDZ2

    I understand that completely, and that's how I figured it worked. But Spazoid said that I don't need to replace every drive to get the added space in his previous post. That confused me a bit. Also, another question I had. If I have a 10 disk vdev of 2TB drives, and a 10 disk vdev of 1TB...
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    Expanding ZFS RAIDZ2

    Can you explain this a little more?
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    Expanding ZFS RAIDZ2

    Pretty insightful. Yes Pig, it suits my application just fine. As long as I won't see reduced performance due to the 1st vdev being full. I suppose if I pulled off ~2TB of data at a time to a network drive, then replace it I could get it to rebalance. Would it be of benefit to add another...
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    Expanding ZFS RAIDZ2

    Hello, I currently have a 10 drive RAIDZ2 of 2TB drives. It is a total of 14.2TB useable, and has 1TB free. I know I shouldn't have went over the 20% free rule. Assuming I add another 10 drive RAIDZ2 to the pool, will I have performance issues considering it won't re-stripe across the whole...
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    A quick ZFS question: 4k sector drive mix

    tdg, I'm a little confused about your post here. Assuming a 6 drive RAIDZ, the data is still striped across 6 drives because parity is striped as well. Am I wrong? Please explain. I have a 10 drive RAIDZ2 of Hitachi 512b drives. I was told 10 drives for RAIDZ2 will provide optimal...