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    Cheaper version of the Kimera Industries Cerberus?

    Looking at more modern mobos & chipsets (from an AMD perspective), Newegg has a total of 43 mobos (I did not bother to look for dups, but I feel there are one or two). By modern I mean AM4 & sTR4 sockets. And speaking of sTR4, it was only for the first two gens of Threadripper, so no 3rd gen or...
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    What GPU for my son's rig?

    He gonna deadpan you with "But will it run Crysis?"
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    PS5/XBOX X vs 3080Ti/Big Navi

    I want more on the second half of that statement, about AMD not matching the top tier card from Nvidia... Which top tier card...? 3080 Ti...? Titan RTX II...? Quadro RTX 9001...?!? Full die GA100 datacenter card...?
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Hexgears X1 low-profile mechanical & 3DConnexion CADMouse...
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    Should I pick up an Aorus 5700 XT or should i wait and save for big navi?

    I am also waiting for Big Navi, and am looking to get a used Vega 56 to tide me over (current GPU is a MSI GTX 1070 Sea Hawk X, but I want to build a Ryzentosh).
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    Silicon Graphics badge on Fractal Era ITX

    Top left is accurate for the few examples shown, but there are many Silicon Graphics & SGI boxes out there with badge placement that is not top left... I have decided on lower left, with the Cube aligned below the front I/O...
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    Silicon Graphics badge on Fractal Era ITX

    So I currently have my Fractal Era ITX chassis built up: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact X570 mDTX mobo AMD Ryzen R9 3900X CPU Corsair H60 120mm AIO CPU cooler (with Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM fan) 32GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo RAM (2@16GB DDR4 DIMMs / 3600 MT/s / / Samsung b-die) Two 1TB...
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    Old PC Upgrade

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    AMD raytracing techdemo

    The dual BLOWER fans is the real dead giveaway...!
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    AMD raytracing techdemo

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    AMD RDNA 2 gets ray tracing

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    AMD raytracing techdemo

    Probably something like four Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs, who knows...?
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    Forthcoming Fractal Design SFF chassis...!?!

    So I got my Era ITX together, but this is not its final form...!
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    Forthcoming Fractal Design SFF chassis...!?!

    Josh over at NFC had good results with setting his AIO fans to intake...
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    Forthcoming Fractal Design SFF chassis...!?!

    LOL, I remember that one, not really SFF... But hey, if you put taller legs on it you could also use it as a breakfast tray...!