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    Will AMD Ever Beat Intel in Single Threaded Performance?

    At stock, the 3950x single core speed is faster than anything Intel makes.
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    What air cooler to get for 3950x? I don't want water cooling.

    Yeah, I mean to the point of the thread, going 3900X with $250-$300 worth of exotic cooling will provide significantly lower performance than even a throttled 3950X with a wraith. So spend your money accordingly, if you have $800 to spend, a 3950X with a $50 Noctua cooler will crush a 3900X...
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    Having a tough time choosing between a 3950X or 3960X.

    I thought it was number of lanes as each nvme drive uses pcie 4x lanes...
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    Having a tough time choosing between a 3950X or 3960X.

    Wait, is he talking about the x16 pcie card that holds 4 drives or using 2x auorus 2TB 4x pcie 4.0 drives? In his posts he says nothing about the AIC, just RAID 2TB nvme drives, which any x570 will handle without issue or speed limitation. If it's the AIC, obviously he'd need a threadripper or...
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    Having a tough time choosing between a 3950X or 3960X.

    Unless you plan to use 3 of them and hit them all simultaneously, you won't, that's what I'm saying. Just be sure to attach one to the cpu and one to chipset if you get a board with 3 m.2 slots.
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    Having a tough time choosing between a 3950X or 3960X.

    No, most x570 boards can support 2, 1 direct to the cpu and the other to the chipset, along with x16 graphics. Some can support 3, 2 via the chipset and one via the cpu, but the two via the chipset will be limited by the cpu-chipset link speed. So you can run 3 and the only time it'd saturate...
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    Having a tough time choosing between a 3950X or 3960X.

    Quad channel makes virtually zero difference in gaming (3950X is generally faster, in the few games TR is faster it's due to having a ton of cache), so what are your other workloads? There aren't many that actually use the extra bandwidth...
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    Is VR even worth it?

    Well... quest does have native pc support now. It will run steam vr games just fine, I just use the O+ for the increased fov and slightly better iq. When I take my quest and laptop I have access to my full library of games, which I don't with the O+.
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    Is VR even worth it?

    On I use the quest for oculus games (rather than revive with the O+) and native quest games at home. The 72hz doesn't bother me, but the O+ is a little better image quality wise, so it's still my go to on my main rig. The quest certainly isn't bad, but the anti sde and wider fov make the o+ a...
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    Is VR even worth it?

    What I've found is if you add sharpening to the odyssey+, you gain back any lost clarity and still get the benefit of no sde. You have to crank AA higher to get rid of aliasing, but that's worth it to me. Image quality overall is excellent.
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Same here - started with an 8088 tandy 1000, then an ibm ps/2 80286 (microchannel!), then a 486 dx2 66, Pentium 120, k6 266, athlon 750 (slot a!), Thunderbird 1ghz, athlonxp 1800+, athlon64 3000+, 64x2 3800+, phenom II 955 be, r7 1700, 2700x, 3700x, 3950x.... and a few laptops mixed in there. I...
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    HTC Vive Pro Headset Permanently Reduced to $600 $229, does that qualify? It's a no brainer at that price.
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    Is VR even worth it?

    They all have their plusses and minuses, but if you can only get one, get the Quest (imo). It can do everything well, including the best standalone by far and has the largest selection of games that work natively. You have access to Quest specific, Go, Oculus Rift and SteamVR games without any...
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    Why hasn't AMD announced desktop Renoir APUs?

    Well, I do have one - 1650 lp and a 3700x. I also have an a300w which has no room for a GPU at all. Currently it's got a 2200G but I'd drop a 65W 8 core plus Vega8 if they release one. But I can definitely see it being a small market, though I'd imagine they'll be selling the higher leakage...
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    HTC Vive Pro Headset Permanently Reduced to $600

    All I can say is you must have been doing something wrong with the odyssey+. I had a cv1 and never used it again after getting the odyssey+. Tracking issues were likely due to low light and removing the face foam fixed any comfort issues I had. SteamVR is a poor ecosystem?