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    Where are the sales on M.2/PCIe SSD drives?

    Yes yes he would! Lol Sent ya a message :)
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    Average Teen Texts 3339 Times Per Month?

    That seems like quite a bit and then I looked at my bill Me- 6,200 Better half- 5500 I'm 27 she's 25... I dunno I use texting just like I use instant messenger
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    I <3 Fermi
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    Alienware m11x

    recently I took mine on a trip to Boston from Seattle, I watched the entire 6th season of Entourage in HD x264 format and still had about 15% battery life left. So 6ish hours of playback on mid level brightness playing HD content through VLC, not to shabby.
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    'Unlimited Usage' Doesn't Mean 'Unlimited Usage'

    I got hit for the first time last month re: my bandwidth cap. Comcast called me and told me that I went over my bandwidth limit by 120 gigs. I didn't do any of my usual downloading, so I was slightly confused. After about 15 minutes on the phone with the tech talking about how this could happen...
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    Hulu losing `Daily Show,' `Colbert Report'

    I love Hulu :( I'm really bummed to see these shows go. I watch both of these shows at least 2-3 times a week from hulu. I've tried going straight to comedy central but their video feeds are nearly as high quality and they have twice as many ads. Sure they may be ads for other comedy central...
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    Anyone rolling with the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di-II LD?

    I have the Nikon version and love it. The AF is a little slow compared to my 18-200 Nikon but its still great for low light indoor photography.
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    Anyone use Watchguard Devices (I'm about to pull my hair out)

    Man I hate the watchguard vpn stuff but it was here when I got here :( I'm a huge fan of checkpoint and/or Cisco depending on the situation. Thanks for looking though!
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    Dual gateway question

    Do both internet connections come into 1 router? If so you might be able to do some port forwarding and make it work. What you might have happening is more than 1 service trying to come in on that port and its responding wrong. You can try setting up port forwarding to go from say port...
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    Dual gateway question

    hahah yep most likely :)
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    Dual gateway question

    Slightly confused, are you trying to set up 1 nic with 2 gateways? If you have 2 gateways, your computer needs 2 nics and you can then set the 2nd internet connection gateway to port forward to your computer, which will still be plugged into network a) and allow you access to reboot your other...
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    Why didn't anyone tell me about these?

    Let me know how well those things work, I've seen them before but never had the chance to use em.
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    Anyone use Watchguard Devices (I'm about to pull my hair out)

    K1pp Thanks I did see that but its for the old version *Tear* Thanks for looking though, they seem to have amazing documentation on older products (pre 7.5) and jack shit on newer 11.x stuff ahhhhhh haha
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    Anyone use Watchguard Devices (I'm about to pull my hair out)

    SO, here's the story we got a new Watchguard Firebox x 5500 back in November and I'm just not getting around to finishing the configuration of it. Well I have about 50% of it done and I'm onto the VPN portion which is just literally kicking my ass. For some reason I can't get the managed VPN's...
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    Modern Warfare 2: Most Pirated Game of 2009

    You realize that most Pirated PC games can't be played online either right? Anymore piracy is just a part of society, its sad and its stupid but if companies really want people to pay for their software they have to make a quality product people can benefit from buying. Personally I bought...