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    Ubisoft to Censor Rainbow Six Siege to Appeal to Asian Territories

    Might as well replace the guns with large 90s eras cameras while your at it.... Orientals crack me up.
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    Front Page Display

    It’s all jacked up on iPads. Graphics behind/over don’t and the page is off center.
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    NVIDIA Controls AIB Launch and Driver Distribution @ [H]

    Very good job indeed Nvidia. My stock shares continue to rise and make money. I hope they don’t change a god damn thing. You don’t want to sign the NDA, then stop bitching. Buy the card and do the reviews on your own when they become available. No NDA required.
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    Could High Cable Prices Cause Cord-Cutting? Say it isn't so.

    Cable cost is the same for me vs PSVue, so I stick with cable. The convenience of shit "just working" with no buffering/freezes/blackouts and actually being able to use a remote with a number pad still trumps the streaming services out there. Also never have to worry about data caps.
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    Don't Have Amazon Prime? No Star Wars VIII on Disc For You

    Wait, you aren't screaming about how the consumer choice is impacted here like you do GPP?!? I'm blown away...
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    NVIDIA Starts Disinformation GPP Campaign

    As long as their stock continues to go up and make me money, who the fuck cares. Get off your GPP mountain already and move on. I’ve been coming to this site since the 90s or so and it’s gotten away from news and gone pure editorial in every single post you guys link as “news”. Everything thing...
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    Warranty Void if Removed Stickers are BS

    This is all well and good but you are still going to be told by the vendor that, because you broke the seal, they won't fix it. If you want to fight them in court to fix a $100 PSU, then I'll let you die on that mountain alone.
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    ASUS Jumping Into the Mesh Networking Arena

    I'm assuming if they are using the term "mesh", it must have a dedicated backhaul channel.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Will Return on January 7th, 2018

    Show is horrible. And that black lady is a terrible actress. Couldn’t stand her on Walking Dead.
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    Soylent Banned in Canada

    WTF is Soylent?? Millennials and their crazy shit...
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    Watch the Hulk Speak in New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

    Oh great. Another superhero movie... Real original...
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    Error 502 Bad Gateway from Cloudflare

    More site problems: Maybe it's time to move away from Cloudflare. It is a weekly occurrence of problems with these guys. Edit: Ha! I love my new tag!! First time posting since railing on you!
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    Google Pixel XL Phones Blacklisted as Stolen

    This a personal blog or a tech news site?? Until all Pixel phones (WTF kind of phone is a Pixel anyway?) keep this talk on your Wordpress page...
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    Americans No Longer Have to Register Non-Commercial Drones with the FAA

    Drone industry is upset? Uh what? Look at every RC forum on the internet and drone pilots are rejoicing...