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    all set for now, thanks everyone!

    I'm in need of 2-3x ~250gb 2.5" SATA SSDs and 2x ~500gb SSDs (could be NVMe or SATA(2.5" or M.2)) and 1x 1tb NVMe SSD. Let me know what you've got!
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    WTB Dual Socket 370 OC-able motherboard for retro build

    Near Greenfield, Taxachusetts
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    WTB Dual Socket 370 OC-able motherboard for retro build

    If you happen to be in New England, I'm getting ready to sell my VP6 system in an early Koolance case for full-on retro goodness.
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    WTB: Z68 or Z77 motherboard

    I need to test a few sandy bridge / ivy bridge CPUs so I'm hoping to find a Z68 or Z77 motherboard in the $30-40 range. Not picky about brand or form factor.
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    Video card works as secondary, but not primary?

    I'm having a weird issue with an AMD HD7850. If I install it alone (tried in 5 systems with same result), the computer hangs at POST as if there were no video card installed. If I install it as a secondary card with a HD 6850 as the primary card, the system can use it. I can even switch to...
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    Bump for a good trader
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    Thank you for the offer! But I came across a 6950
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    I'm building a red-themed older AMD FX system and want a red (PCB or back plate) AMD video card to go with it. Something like a HD 7850 would be good. I'm hoping to be in the $30 range.