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    Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 600 Ohm Headphones

    These headphones are incredible! Some of the best on the market for music or gaming. These are the Premium version with 600 Ohm impedance. They are ready for some serious amplification, so beware. Sounded great with my Asus Xonar Essence STX. Comes with original travel case, gold adapter, and...
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    Ben Q XL2420TE 1ms LED Gaming Monitor

    Used in great condition with original box, cables, accessories, and documentation. This is one of the best gaming monitors out there! NEW! ZeroFlicker™ For Visual Ease and Comfort 24” Widescreen LED Monitor Native Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution 144 Hz, Nvidia 3D Vision™ 2 Ready 1 ms (GTG)...
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    State of Thermal Pastes 2014

    Naw, use butter. Or better yet, mustard.
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    Zotac GTX Titan Black AMP! What should I do?

    Option 6 bro
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    Opinon before I run to Frys

    Yeah, I tried to skimp on a PSU once.
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    Let the battle for giant smartphone begin

    I like my Evo 4g LTE. I ran Quadrant on it, and my roommate, who is in phone sales, said that it scored higher than any phone he had yet tested (like 3600 I think)
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    WinXP BSoD ticking me off...

    no need for newest version really, just let it run. I am pretty sure you'll see an error rather quickly. Also, make sure to reset your CMOS and in the BIOS make sure your RAM and CPU are getting the proper voltage(s)
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    New build: No Video Output

    Reset the CMOS (jumper the CMOS jumper for > 10 seconds with the power unplugged to the power supply). Try clearing out the residual power in the capacitors by clicking the power button with the power cord unplugged from the wall. Also, try using an old CRT monitor with a standard VGA cable...
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    "Acceleration" work with Intel Processor ?

    Question: WHY ARE YOU YELLING?
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    Overkill? Asus Xonar STX + Beyerdynamic DT 990 600ohm edition

    I have exactly the same combo you are asking about. I enjoy it. The soundcard has enough juice at the high Impedence setting to drive them (and even sounds decent at the middle impedence setting which is 64 - 300 Ohm), and they sound nice with Dolby Headphone. I got my DT990's on sale for...
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    Best sound card

    I think your best bet is optical out to home theater, but if you want the best soundcard, I'd say Asus Xonar Essence STX. Has a 600 Ohm Headphone amplifier.
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    [Sponsored] Aldri Fornøyd STH10, 7990s, EVGA SR-2 & SR-X, Lots o' loops

    Wow, this rig is gonna be sick
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    GTX 680 dedicated PhysX or SLI?
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    Great soundcards for 250ohm headphones (don't give a single crap about EAX/Dolby/THX)

    Xonar Essence STX. Has a 600 Ohm headphone amp. Would be perfect for you
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    One 128GB SSD or M4 64GB Raid 0? Need assistance with options.

    The safest option with SSD's is NOT to RAID them for lack of TRIM support and garbage collection (unless this has changed; somebody let me know). However, seeing that you already have one, you might just get a big HDD and use the 64Gb for only a few games and windows.