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    Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Sound Card $47.99 @ BB

    The Jordan Landing BB in Salt Lake City, Utah had 3 or 4 on the shelf at this price. I grabbed one. Too tempting to resist.
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    3TB Hitachi Deskstar Internal Hard Drive (Retail Kit) $107

    How about some real world, non-ancedotal-this-is-what-happened-to-me info on a large installation? It's not the same drive as this deal, but it sure puts the IBM/Hitachi DeathStar argument to rest - along with the argument that enterprise drives are better...
  3. B Deals 7/20

    $15 pushed me over the edge on the M4. Bought.
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    MakerBot Cupcake CNC Ultimate $455

    Details are here: Positioning isn't going to be the same as the resolution... but yeah. It was too tempting for me to pass up.
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    MakerBot Cupcake CNC Ultimate $455

    Saw this on slickdeals. Yeah, sure the newer version is more accurate, etc, etc, etc... but it's also almost 3x as much. I bit. I consider it a Father's Day gift to myself. :)
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    Zune 64GB $278 with free HD AV dock (tax in california)

    Damnit. I just jumped on this same deal at for $300.
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    Aluminum USB Fingerprint Reader - $46 shipped (For PC/Mac + firefox & login extras)

    If someone is going to the trouble of creating a gel mold of your fingerprint... they should just remove the drive from the computer and save the trouble. Use drive encryption if you're that worried.
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    Evga step up has the 580gtx up get em while there hot.

    Just got in the queue. 2xGTX480 -> 2xGTX580 for $30.22. :)
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    One of the many reasons I love EVGA

    All fixed. I finally heard back from eVGA. I'm not sure they even know why I was denied the promo for Metro 2033 - I emailed them the same invoice PDFs I uploaded to their site and got an email reply within 5 minutes with the game codes.
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    One of the many reasons I love EVGA

    I uploaded PDF's of the invoices right from the start. Yeah, it could be something simple - I just needed to vent a little. :)
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    One of the many reasons I love EVGA

    <rant> Bought three eVGA cards last week; got this for all three: No response yet after replying to the email. Nice service, eVGA. Maybe I should have spent my $1200 elsewhere. </rant>
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    EVGA GTX 460 768MB - $145.99 Shipped @ Chief Value

    I bit. We'll see what happens.
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    Dell coupon good on some videocards

    Must resist...
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    Battlefield Bad Company 2 for PC $20 EA Store

    Sold. I'm glad I waited.