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    Fake tach signal questions

    I purchased a Lenovo G7028 not too long ago and while it works great, the noise has been driving me nuts. I've been playing around with different fan configurations but the switch requires at least 2 of the fans operating at the RPM (3 fan ports total, 2 will allow the switch to run but will...
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    How's it going man? I saw a thread for creating a fake RPM signal and saw you were familiar with...

    How's it going man? I saw a thread for creating a fake RPM signal and saw you were familiar with the process. I was wondering if you could make one for me for my switch as it need's 3 of the high RPM fan's attached in order to function properly. I can pay you for the parts and your time...
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    Philips Hue Excludes 3rd Party Bulbs With Firmware Update

    I have a FLS-PP which is basically the hue led strip module but with a max length of 33 ft (which i use) compared to Hue's led 6 ft strip. I paid $120-130ish for the FLS-PP, power brick, 2 16 feet of leds and cables. In comparasion one Hue strip is $90. In a sense i would of spent $450 for...
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    Dell/LSI 9270CV-8i and other HW raid controllers.

    Hmm, one of the ebay sellers i messaged said it has Dell firmware on there. Not that i mind Dell firmware , just can't find any updates for it on dell's site.
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    Dell/LSI 9270CV-8i and other HW raid controllers.

    I'm looking for a raid 6 controller and this one seems quite cheap on ebay (9270CV-8i) Only thing is, i can't find information on dell's website for this unit nor can i find information on LSI's website. I know it's basically a LSI 9270-8i with cachevault. Only thing is that according to...
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    Buy Lenovo TD340 or buy/build something instead?

    Hello, I currently have a Lenovo TS140 with a Intel E3-1231v3 (almost a i7 4770 equivalent) that i use in the media room. The purpose for this PC was to use with security cameras through Blue Iris and for playing blu ray full iso rips/music to my home theater. My problem is that 2 security...
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    Samsung 950PRO, when?

    Looking at anandtech's review of the 950 Pro, why is it that in certain benchmarks the SM951 is faster? The random write performance seems mediocre compared to the SM951
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    inevitable 950 pro vs. intel 750 thread...

    Would photoshop and lightroom photo and video editing benefit more from a high IOPS SSD? Well i guess i should say between the near double IOPS on the 750 vs the 950 pro, would i see a difference for photo and video editing?
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    ES CPUs?

    Had one in a previous socket 2011 build (cant recall what it was, but it was 10 cores). Besides virtual machines not working and sleep wasn't working either, the chip worked flawlessly and was 100% stable.
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    Could be wrong but I spy a GTR in the background :)
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    16 port unmanaged switch recommendations

    Hello, I honestly though buying a switch today (especially an non-managed one) would be easy, but with several bad reviews for most of them, i'm sort of stuck. I was looking at the following units and was wondering if anyone had experiences with any. HP Procurve 1410-16G 9560A D-Link...
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    New graphics card = monitor glitches out

    The memory is at stock, 1250 mhz according to gpuz. Just watched some flash videos and flash crashed, though i haven't had that lines through the screen issue since i posted the thread up. I honestly think flash crashing is due to it not getting along with some hardware that is in machine...
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    New graphics card = monitor glitches out

    This is a new build, went from a 3770k to a E5-2680 xeon in an asrock extreme4-m. Even when i built this comp with a nvidia 610 and reformatted the SSD, flash still crashed all the time so i reformatted it again. Flash still crashes (firefox and chrome), just not as often. SAPPHIRE 100352-2L...
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    New graphics card = monitor glitches out

    Hmm, flash does crash quite often for some reason even with the previous card (reinstalled flash quite some time ago already) but i don't believe it did when the screen went like that. Currently the setting you mentioned under AMD video quality is unchecked. Shouldn't flash always have...
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    New graphics card = monitor glitches out

    I had a nvidia 610 before and it had no issues. Made sure to wipe the nvidia driver before installing the amd catalyst as well.